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First post

Hello, this is my first post here. I have been looking for somewhere to talk privately and annonimosly and hoping this is the place. I am not an addict myself but I am watching someone I love kill herself slowly by drugs.

I don't understand why, which is why I thinks it's so hard partially. I stopped talking to her a few years ago hoping she would get the message. I have known her since I was 6 months old and consider her my sister. I keep thinking that me leaving completely from her life just made it worse. Maybe I should have done more. I don't know, now she is basically homeless and I don't even know where she is.
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Hi Irishman can be a bit quiet here at this time of day, so I've just jumped in to welcome you. There will be someone on soon who will be much better placed to offer you something useful. There's a lot of help here.

All the best
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Welcome Irishman. As stated earlier, the people with sort of experience will start popping in later. You can expect that around lunchtime your time.
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Keeping it simple!
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Welcome to SR! You will find so much support here.

Honestly there is really nothing you can do, we have to take the first steps ourselves. As someone said it is quiet here at this time however, please check out the family and friends side there is lots of information over there as well.

Friends and Family of Alcoholics - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

You are welcome to post on both sides .
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Hi Irishman

If love was enough to conquer addiction there's be a lot fewer of us here.
It's important not to blame yourself.

I was the only person I could truthfully lay any blame on for my addiction.

I sorted myself out though - and I hope your friend will one day choose to do the same

I know you'll find a lot of support and understanding here - welcome

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Hi and welcome.
As stated the Friends and Family forum is excellent however you may not like the good suggestions that are made and usually work.

Also excellent in your area is Al Anon meetings. Both are pros at helping, solving problems.
Both of them is to help you handle the stresses involved.

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Welcome to SR Irishman. You obviously care about your friend, she's lucky to have you in her life. You'll find support here and experience -- from both sides of the addiction issue.
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Do your best
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Welcome friend
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Welcome to the Forum Irishman!!
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