Weekender , 10th of april 2015 , lets get through together

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TS, good luck this week with the procedure. I hope your biopsy comes out negative.
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Sending good thoughts your way, TennantSmith!
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Originally Posted by saoutchik View Post
Hi JaneLane I'm a Londoner too. I have two daughters in their 20's so would that be from Daria? Ruby, BMac as a spirits drinker it was depressingly obvious how much I'd put away Solarion just remember your on the right side of history Spent the day welding and removing old suspension (involved lots of swearing) While I was there someone sold me a case for my Samsung for 15 hard earned Saoutchik Pounds. Que fastest ever buyers remorse as I was unable to remove device without the aid of a screwdriver Was hoping to watch Masters (old boy that I am)in peace but daughter 2 on the way round with two friends
It is indeed from Daria! I miss that programme!
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Hi weekenders

Good luck with your biopsy Tennant

Mesa, I'd forgotten about The Station Agent. That is a FANTASTIC film, well worth searching out if anyone hasn't seen it.

Early start for me tomorrow as I am off to Glasgow for work. Unfortunately due to delivery products, samples and presentation stuff I have to drive. At least I am using my boss's "big ass" Audi which will make it a bit less tiring/boring.

I originally agreed to go several weeks ago because it meant driving back on Wednesday evening which is my birthday. I'm regretting it now as I'm sure I would have been fine. Hey ho.

Incidentally Glasgow has a reputation as a hard drinking city so I might be the first ever person to go there to avoid booze.
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Saoutchik , you made me laugh with the Glasgow comment. Smart thinking on doing it for your birthday if that was a big drinking day in the past. I usually do work on my bday. Last year was a first in that I took it off. Happy birthday in advance!
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Thank you, everyone. I've had to go through this almost yearly since I was 9. Ugh. I'm never excited about it.

But today bad been nice. I'm ready for my girls to get home from school so we can have a nice evening together. Then no food until Wednesday night. I think that calls for chocolate tonight ha
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Checking in. Teaching is done for today, so I can move onto other things. We're also cloudy and overcast today. It was raining and thundering this morning when I went to the gym. It's okay now, so there shouldn't be a rain delay for opening day, which is good for all the fans that are out. I'm not much of a baseball fan though. Sad thing is I am already looking forward to football, which is 4 months away. *sigh*

MM-beautiful scenery where you were hiking!

TS-hope your biopsy went well.

Newpage-That is awesome you were able to plant a garden instead of using the money for alcohol. I hope the garden brings you a lot of pleasure.
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Strat_ster ~

That Canyon Pic above was on the 'endless' Dominguez-Escalante Plateau. I've been surfing it on Google Earth, and some Roads go on for >50 miles.

Today's Canyon Fitness Soiree was South of the Pic up-Thread, using a different Public Access Road. There's this neato circle of Rocks, and someone made a very private Campfire Ring in it. Looking across it, some Folks worked up this Window 'whimsy'. There never was a Cabin or anything; it's simply a handy POV to look out Aspen CO way. Of course, the standard Colorado Greeting is: 'How's your Aspen'?

Dominguez-Escalante BLM Conservation Area Brochure.pdf

All were had by a good time, including the Pooch. We might even have worked off a fraction of the Nepalese/Indian Buffet Lunch we chowed down. Poifect Temps in blazing Sun.

Thinking of - yes - the hard-Drinking Glaz_WEEEEEEEEEEEE_juns Saoutchik mentions, a prized 'score' was an original Charles Rennie Macintosh Stained Glass work bought locally around Denver. About 3' x 4'. The Seller's Scottish Grandfather meticulously recorded the provenance of various Pieces, and salvaged them out of Glaswegian Buildings being razed during 'Modernization' in the '50s & '60s. We even have somewhere the exact age of 'our' Piece - 1912? - and the Building it was from. This Denver Gent shipped over his Gramp's >700 Piece Collection in Shipping Containers. Not one salvaged Window broke! Some of the rippled, light Green Glass in it is not even made anymore. See a typical Macintosh-style Window in this Website Pic:

Charles Rennie Macintosh Society

Da Wife is headed back to the City House for some Chick Theater Play this Friday. So, IT'S BACHELOR CAMPING TIME! Yippee Skippy! I've got a few things to tweak on the lil Camping Trailer, and we headin' out Thursday. Back to here on Sunday. I'll Recon some spots later this week via Google Earth, and try someplace new.

'Rawhide' ~ The Blue Brothers

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Thanks for the posts! I live in Denver and plan on spending my sober summer in our beautiful wilderness. Hoping to check out the beautiful places you have mentioned
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You get your ass kicked if you say that in real life.
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Ok, that was funny. Really funny.
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Heck, I'm still chuckling over the new signature y'all got me.
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5:35am Glasgow here I come
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I watched The Station Agent. It was great!
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Hi all....
.....back from trip away. No drinking.......

all the best.
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