Weekender , 10th of april 2015 , lets get through together

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Good morning all!
Don't forget bout us drug addicts, Mecanix!
Count me in!
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Hi everyone! I'm in for a sober weekend. I can't imagine wasting precious days off by drinking, but I am constantly on guard. I'll dust off my sober bike and ride along with you all for a beautiful weekend ride. I can handle my AV the best when I check in on this sight often, especially on the weekend. I'm through the busiest part of my work week and today and tomorrow won't be too bad. I'm drinking coffee and then will go for a long morning walk with my precious doggies. A leisurely morning is a good thing.
See you all later!
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Sunrise here shown below out the Kitchen Door in fab Weather ~30 minutes ago...

Had some Dog Park Palz over for a Sober Dinner last night. A nice 'Benchmark' as to what Dinners can be sans Vino. I'm having to quietly formulate what my Dining - and other - Boundaries are this Summer. Everybody and his Brother want to make this their Long Weekend Motel, or a Stopover to Biking in Moab UT. Especially, with our Out-Building Guest Cabin/Snoring Refuge having been completed, and now comfy. SOOOO, with me not sharing any fascination with the local Wineries, this will make for some interesting times. No worries by me. I'm just having to pound the proverbial Stake In The Sand re: what's acceptable 'round here, and what isn't. Not the worst problem in the World to have 15 months in as of tomorrow. Stay tuned...

In other News, we're putting off until Monday a Canyon Hike originally slated for today. This will allow our Pooch to hit the Dog Park today. He and his Primary Pooch Pal wrestled non-stop on the Polished Concrete Floors here last night. The visiting Pooch stood by a Window and barked non-stop at the 3'-high Concrete Buddha outside until we lowered that Window Shade. Funny stuff. If you're a Dog Lover. His Owner can't make the Dog Park early next week, but can today. So, Dogs Rule. My Schedule is secondary in the Dog Universe. We'll hike next week when the Weather is predicted to be even better w/Sunny high temps in the mid-70s.

Hang loose, Y'all! Sober times are worth the niggling details.

A smokin' version here of this old Blues Standard; taped at our very own Red Rocks Amphitheater. 'Cream' who?-) I did insane amounts of 'Spoonfuls' back in the day, and am mighty fortunate to still be here to testify.

Check out the Guitar Sustain on the first note of Joe's Solo...

'Spoonful' ~ Joe Bonamassa Live @ Red Rocks

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Sober since October
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I know, there's a couple of bacon fans here)
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Wow, what a glorious view, MM! I can certainly see why everyone wants to make it "their long wkend motel" lol. It's raining buckets here in W Mi., but I'm lovin it!
Oh, what we canine lovers do for our dogs! They bring us such can we deny them?
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Working also,
count me in, please!
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In. My week has finally settled down. The door that was broken into across the hall when the guy ODed has been fixed. The family has removed his belongings. His cars are still here. I resigned from the Homeowners Board of Directors. I've dealt with all the blowback from that.

Today. Peace and a drive to the beach. Phone is off.

Exercise is priority one today. I think I'll buy a Subway sandwich and take it along to the beach. Sounds lovely and restorative. I'll pick up some new smooth rocks. Look for wildlife. Hike the bluffs. Yes.
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Hopping aboard, have my ticket at the ready. Greetings fellow passengers.

Great intro Mex - many thanks.

Amazing weather here - enjoying thoughts of spending time in the great outdoors and fighting thoughts of drinking. Very busy weekend ahead. Big meeting on Friday and training event on Saturday. I will enjoy not being hungover and crippled with fear.

So, I'll take a window seat, if it pleases you Mr Bus driver, maybe somewhere near the back, enjoying the hustle and bustle of life as we drive confidently to our destination.

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good morning/evening/afternoon. I'm in of course.
Went fishing early. Caught a couple small ones. Silly me, I was planning to go early and catch some keepers for the grill. Obviously the fish didn't get that memo.
3 hours at the water - it's about 38 with a breeze. It's cold standing in a stream with wet hands.
Came home. 3 strips bacon - the last of it - and 2 eggs w/ toast. 1/2 grapefruit 1 banana, 1 apple, coffee and put phone on charger.

If the wife doesn't wake up in the next 1/2 hour, I'm going fishing again. Time to get a pot of coffee going for the thermos. I take coffee now instead of beer. And no more quick pull or 3 on the bourbon before I head to the stream.

Hope y'all are set for a sober weekend.

Forgot to mention, it is misty rain too. Not comfortable weather to be standing outside trying to catch my entitlement of fish.

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I'm in.
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A simple guy making his way
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Originally Posted by gettingsmarter View Post
I'm in.
Good to see you GS! How have you been doing? Any challenges?

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Snow, Weasel? No thanks. Hope the Sawwwx fans don't freeze at the ballpark!

Beach, Bim? Okay, okay, I'm in.

Debating whether to drive to the coast tomorrow evening, or just drive down Saturday morning. It's a 2-hour drive down to the Guatemala-El Salvador border on the Pacific, where humans are sparse and palm trees and iguanas are plentiful. Hotel rooms are about $17 bucks a night - usually includes a small bed, ceiling fan, and a porch with a hammock. I plan on filling my backpack will fresh fruit and a 2-liter bottle of water and walking/jogging down the beach until I can't go any further. Should be 90F/30C and humid and with plenty of sun, so I am careful not to press myself in that type of weather. Lots of swims in the ocean to cool off along the way.

In the meantime, I have 1.5 more days of work before I hit the road. Good to see everyone on board the bus!
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WOw All these things to do and your adventures to read about.

Gilmer, are you studying this weekend or are you on spring break?
Christina, welcome to the Weekenders! What are your plans?

Kzaug, we are in a lull between storms today. Expecting them to blow in at rush hour. Blah!!! I love storms, I don't love traffic. But, it's not Weasel's snow.

Bimini, I'm glad you've been cleared. I think the boxing will be fun to watch even though you can't participate.

BigS, your plans sound lovely, except for the running in 90F temps. The last time I ran was in weather like that and I had heat exhaustion. That was over 12 years ago. Made me realize I don't like running.

I'm training a new woman today. she's quite nice but I like doing my own thing.

Back to getting my head in the game here. See y'all later
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Do your best
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Riding Roof im in thank you Mecanix & Weasel
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Bad me, that's not Bimini that was cleared but MidnightBlue.

Bimini, I want to go to the beach with you And collect smooth rocks. I love smooth stones. I think olive has a collection she's mentioned before too.

pouring rain right now. Absolute buckets on the skylights here. April showers bring may flowers.
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I'm in.
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I'm in
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Good afternoon Ruby, I love storms too. And that's why I'm curled up in a comforter on my couch today lol. Traffic sucks, I feel for you hunny.

BigS, $17 hotel rooms among iguanas, palm trees & sans humans? Paradise! Not so quite sure bout the high humidity 90 weather tho.

Snow in Maine? You poor, poor fellow. I really feel for you, Weasel.
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Hi Ruby,

Don't worry, any real jogging will be done at 7am-9am - there's no way I'm going to run in 90-degree heat. Ain't gonna happen!

Busy at work today. A couple of colleagues called in sick, I'm picking up the slack. I had planned to get coffee after work with a new friend....but I might cancel because I have to stay late today now. Plus, she's really cute. And I have a girlfriend. And I am currently kind of not sure where I'm at in the relationship with the girlfriend...going out to coffee with this new cute Aussie chick might not be the best idea right now. No need to cause myself problems, I have a good weekend coming up and maybe I should just stick to my own back yard and stop looking at the green grass on the other side of the fence.
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Definitely in and ready for a great and sober weekend.

Little league baseball is in full swing with my son this weekend... I'm loving every minute. 77 and possibly rainy tomorrow so I hope we get the games in.

Have a great weekend everybody.
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