Weekender , 10th of april 2015 , lets get through together

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Less than 2 hours away!

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^^^^^^s that a zombie?
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Now that my beloved The Walking Dead and Doctor Who are on hiatus and I'm about done with Parenthood, it may be time to jump the GoT bandwagon. At least I workout while binge watching stuff on Netflix, so it's not completely lazy.
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I go away for a couple hours and you're two pages on. Leaving park with kids. Picked up some trash. This is a very large park. At least ten acres. Two garbage cans. None near the playground or baseball diamonds.

Back to school and work tomorrow. Sigh. I don't like Sunday nights.

Solarion, I really like that Monsters and Men video. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by strategery View Post
^^^^^^s that a zombie?
Peter Dinklage is THE MAN! I love the character he created on the show. One of my favorite actors. In fact, if he encouraged me to drink again, I'd tell him to "F" off. But I still think he's a great actor.
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I am out of the loop on a lot of tv shows, so I looked him up. What I found was he is from game of thrones. I was just trying to figure out if it was a show with a zombie/vampire medieval thing going on since he looked sort of gray.
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Originally Posted by Bmac View Post
Peter Dinklage is THE MAN! I love the character he created on the show. One of my favorite actors.
Agreed, Peter Dinklage has become one of my favorite actors and is great in GoT. If you haven't seen movie The Station Agent, it's a another great performance by Dinklage, worth watching.

Took a long nap this afternoon - it started raining around 1pm and I just drifted off...for 2 hours! Woah. I think that's the definition of "power nap".

Alas, I woke up to the girlfriend calling and asking me why I untagged some photos on facebook that she posted. There were a few pics of us kissing, etc, - and I since I have professional friends on facebook, I don't like to have a lot of PDA on there. It's just my preference. My girlfriend is 10 years younger than me (29) and seems to have some different priorities and standards. I can't believe that here I am, 40 years old, getting into an argument sparked by facebook pics. Roused from the stupor of my long nap, I did not take too kindly to her interrogation. I felt like just telling her to go jump in a lake and be done with the relationship. I held my tongue though and figure it's a battle best fought another day with a clear head and a solid plan to move forward. She's been a big asset to me down here in many ways, might not be the best idea to just chuck and duck without doing my homework on what my plan is in singlehood.

I will try not to dwell on the argument and just move forward. Had stir fry for dinner. Watching GoT tonight. Have some great podcasts downloaded to listen to as I drift off to sleep later. Have a great sober week everyone, thanks for being here.
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Took the pup on a nice run today. He's learning to love to run with me. He's getting a spiffy new harness and hands free leash with all the booze $ I've saved!
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Been dodging rain all weekend, and glad for the way things turned out. Glad to be sober and able to participate in a surprise lunch with family. Glad to have the tools to stay positive and curb the fear about "what if" "what if" "what if" with the challenges on the job today<<<< most of which are mole hills NOT mountains. :-) Grateful for the oldtimers' pep talks running through my head and keeping me in a sober place. Grateful to read about SR folks' weekends. :-)
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Hi everyone -yes, GoT was a treat tonight. I am a Peter dinklage fan. Although I'm not too happy that Tyrion wants to drink himself to death. I had free hbo...don't know what I'll do next week. Last year I had HBO but I don't want it now...maybe I can go to a friend's house to watch GoT. I saw Little Finger in a coffee shop in Sante fe, nm last summer.
Got lots done around here today...dug up a new garden area and then took a 2 hour nap!! That's what I call a delightful Sunday. Right BigS?? Life is good.
Made a minestrone soup that was almost too healthy. Full of veggies, beans, pasta. It was edible and really not bad and I guess I'll be eating it all week. I'm taking this one day at a time. I keep telling myself that I really want to get off cholesterol and high blood pressure meds. Also made apple crisp, so that made up for the soup and was also healthy and delicious.
Well...I guess I'm ready for the week. Time Flys by so fast that it will be Friday before you know it.
See you all later.
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Boom! Made it through my first sober weekend in a very long time. I know the strength to not drink came from within me, but I have to thank you all as without you I would not have found that strength. I'll be looking out for a similar thread next weekend! Truly, thank you. X
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welp... after the masters I decided to take a nap - just a short nap - woke up around 4 AM...
a bit more than a power nap...

happy monday (tuesday for you just across the date line)...

BigS, the culture gap and the age gap... plus the social media gap... that's three gaps to close... you have your work cut out for you my man...

Just last year my wife asked me why I didn't update my fb status... uh, cause I don't use fb? No matter, I had to log in and update my status. I forget how many times I tried to delete the account. Those F's.
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Well said LB. BigS... Sounds like you are having sober people problems! Much better to have than drunk people problems. Still stressful but still better. You will figure it out... In fact you already did.

Good morning! Ready for my work week.

I used to be a terrible procrastinator. But this one time I decided to get everything done early. I forget the reason. I liked the feeling of being ready. Not rushing. Not worrying. I like that feeling more than the laziness. It kind of stuck.

Now I have my work week planed out that allows for new things to come up and not throw me off because I have what is needed done already. Living sober offers me that comfort. And it is a real comfort. Borderline blessing but considering the topic comfort will suffice.

Get up this sober Monday. If you were not sober yesterday than what a glorious day to start.

Remember to smile today. Happiness is a muscle so give it a flex.

See you all next weekend!

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Have a great week all!

Can't wait to watch Game of Thrones this evening - I have visited many of the locations where it is shot in Ireland!

My best wishes,

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I'm not ready for another work week. I'm ready for a pack week. A fishing week. A so-deep-in-the-woods-it-takes-a-day-to-walk-out week. I need some outside time.
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Good morning everyone. Have a good week. Rainy with thunder here. Nice gentle rain. Hope everyone made it through. If you didn't, don't beat yourself up. Start making different plans to get yourself ready for next weekend. What worked, what didn't.
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Happy Sober Monday all!
Beautiful gentle rain here, and perfect for all the planting I did yesterday.
Grass seed, and lots of flowers---- all paid for with unused alcohol dollars!!!!

AV woke up from a long silence yesterday after all the work was done, telling me a beer would be really good right now.....I just laughed and had a flavored iced tea! Thought he was DEAD!
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Welp ~

When the going gets tough, the tough go Hiking. So, we're gonna hit the Canyon below later today in predicted 77 F Degree high temps. Haul down to Town assorted, mass quantities of Recycling, which Da Wife kindly pre-sorted yesterday. LOTS less Glass to toss into the Bin vs. Ye Olde Drinking Daze.

Lunch will likely be at a very tasty Himalayan Joint I found that's Family Run. Regional Indian Food, Buffet style. Really fresh. An attentive Owner who sweats the details.

In a demarcation of Seasons, 3 Wild Turkeys pecked their way past the Kitchen Window yesterday. Wild Turkey that's not 80 Proof. What a concept, eh? We'll see if one of them makes it to our Table some future day. It hasn't happened yet, but they appear to be ODAAT Fowl.-) Ya just never know...

A Couple ~1/2 our age at the Dog Park that we've befriended are looking to save Money, and jump-start their Lives. So, I laid out a Plan by which they can take off my Hands the 31' Airstream-type Trailer I lived in during this House Construction. Some sort of Squirrel or Rat is mucking it up, and I can't catch the Bastid. So, better that they clean it up and 'rent' it from me for $1/Month after setting it up at a Camping/RV Joint a Pal of their's owns. They had mentioned wanting to get into the Small House Movement, or downsize to a f/t Trailer. Possibly a perfect fit for us both, in that I don't want to see this high-end Trailer go to waste while just sitting around. I also laid out a very affordable Rent-To-Own Scenario, since their Landlord is going all Mental on them; possibly due to early onset Alzheimer's. He's listed 'their' House for sale, so they need to move things along in Life. It's a perfect time for us to 'Pay It Forward', since we never had Kids [by choice]. Da Teacher Wife had ~180 of the Wee Bastids every day.

What BS said twice about 'The Station Agent' with Peter Dinklage. Have some Pastrami with that 'Wry'...-)

'The Station Agent' ~

For all they were ingesting back then, Fleetwood Mac sounds mighty good in this Vid. Stringent Japanese Customs Inspections might have kept their Luggage clean of any Mood Modifiers. Ask Sir Paul McCartney about how that works.

'Monday Morning' ~ Fleetwood Mac Live In Japan 1977

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Good Morning, friends. My daughter and I stayed up late watching a movie. Therefore, the knock on the door at 7 am was unexpected. It was my friend stopping by before taking her sons to school. I could barely keep my eyes open. It was a nice visit regardless.

We met because she is a bartender. She is also another friend who is a very very rare drinker. Every few months, she has maybe 3 drinks and calls it quits. She's decided to quit bartending. I don't blame her. The locals in my town are interesting. It was also just voted on and passed to allow liquor in the bars again. If I didn't need a reason to stay away, I found one. There are people who will come out of the woodwork because the bar has liquor and it won't be pretty.

Anyway, today is a relaxing one before I begin prep for my procedures and biopsy at hospital on Wednesday. It's also rainy, smells like Spring and a bit breezy. It's a day that cries out for rest and reading.
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