Thanks SR friends. No more drink.

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Thanks SR friends. No more drink.

Day 1, heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped me last night, I was in such a bad place. I know what I have to do. Sorry for wallowing in self pity, been reading a lot of posts and I have no right think I'm worse off than anyone else.
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Good for you MrsLamp!

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Well congrats on Day 1. Glad to see you posting .
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MrsLamp (04-07-2015)
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I looked for you this morning Mrs. Lamp...I am relieved to see you posting here.
Please do not, post, do whatever you can today when you get well, fill your free time.

I know that you are currently not working, if the weather is good try to get outside a bit with the's helpful.
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Yes! What Fandy says
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Almost 700 years sober
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Congrats MrsLamp
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Right there with you MrsLamp! I've just finishing day 1 in about an hour.
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Congratulations on day one!! You can do this!
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You can do this MrsLamp!!
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