Back on planet earth.

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Back on planet earth.

Last drink at about 6am or 7am this morning. It could have been worse. I came back home and was entertaining the idea of going and getting coke. It would have been to one of the worse neighbourhoods in the city. I logged on here instead and even though I typed garbage and waffle I'm glad I i fell asleep on the sofa. By the time I woke up I saw that idea for what it was: suicidal.

I spent some time in bed with a very broken sleep. On getting up I found some vodka in the fridge. I poured it into a glass with some apple juice. But luckily I thought about what would happen....another bender and the cycle of destruction continues. I think it's gone too far. I tossed it down the sink. The best decision I've made all week.

What better time than now, what better place than here. It's time.
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Welcome back, Crimson.

Glad you landed on Earth safely after all. And Houston (aka SR) prevented you from crashing.

Do you have some plan to stay sober? It really helps to beat cravings and go through tough times when prepared for it.

Keep posting.

Best wishes to you.
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I know that was a tough decision. I know that when I find random half-full bottles of vodka around the house, I have to fight not to drink it and I usually lose. My very last drink (4 days ago) was a sip from one of those bottles. Then I dumped it.
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Happy you decided to stop the madness. At the end of the day, only we can choose to stop the downward spiral.
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How are you getting on?
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I'm so glad you poured the vodka down the sink! Similar to what Amandaw said, if I find random half empty bottles of vodka around the house, I always lose the fight not to drink it. I cannot have any alcohol in the house, I know i'll drink it if i do.
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Good to have you back on solid ground

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