Hobbies tainted?

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Hobbies tainted?

Relaxing in front of Netflix, relaxing with a book, relaxing with a video game (30+ gamer and mother of 2 - don't laugh!) ... all things I used to enjoy with a drink in hand. I've been trying to keep myself distracted on day four, but I'm getting strong "phantom limb" syndrome if that makes sense, and it's driving me mad.

Did any of you experience this? I'm feeling moody and like I can't even get out of my own head without being reminded of the drink.
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Just trust us all here when we tell you it gets easier each day and one day a whole day will go by when you didn't think of drinking. Keep your eye on that prize. It's a guaranteed if you tough out these early days. Hang in there!

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I did everything with a drink so, yeah - it was rough for a while, but things got better.

You can break the associations - but leave some of the optional things you dont have to do for a while, if it helps

Use the support here Eva

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I once read to leave a glass of water in the fridge and to take a walk there to sip it, return it, then go about your day. Visit fridge mimics our hand to mouth movements....
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I know 50-60+ gamer Grandma's. Nothing wrong with that.
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Can really relate to this EvaSedai........

I'm not a gamer, I do mechanical stuff....make and rebuild etc.

Few drinks in the shop, relaxed and peaceful moments. Just go slowly. Slower. And so on.

Other times the processes can be get in some drinks and crank up the stereo and tear through it. Sat nite entertainment....

Have to relearn how to enjoy's hard.
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My hobbies all involved drinking and this year will be tough for me to do everything without it, but after 6 months it's like the drink no longer motivates me and it is the actual doing the activity. It gets easier!
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As hard as it is to believe you do re-learn to enjoy your life and hobbies with time. I have a pretty sweet stereo system that cost me about the same as a good entry level new car. I used to love to sit with my wine and listen to music. I really feared that when I got sober I'd never enjoy listening again. And at first I didn't. But over time (and with sobriety) the joy came back.
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Do your best
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Welcome Eva its nice to meet you
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Originally Posted by EvaSedai View Post
Did any of you experience this? I'm feeling moody and like I can't even get out of my own head without being reminded of the drink.
I did feel this way and at times I still can't get out of my own head even though my thoughts don't involve drinking anymore.

Maybe it is time to set aside the hobbies for a while and focus on your recovery? Are you working a program?

Balance is a big part of my recovery and my life really. I had to let go or at least do less of some of the things I really enjoyed doing that helped me escape to focus on my sobriety. After a while the balance between the two felt normal and I no longer used them to escape, I just enjoyed them as a way to relax or meditate.
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Eva - I relate to this, I was a big video gamer but have to stop when I quit drinking as its become such a trigger for me.

Wheel of time was my favourite book seies if that is what your avatar refers to.
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Mrs Eva, I was crazy moody, I was out of my mind in many of the times I quit drinking.
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That bell or bike person
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Day 4 keep on ,
I think on day 4 i was sweating so bad i couldn't even do as much as you have … I used to come home about 6 pm eat something and then get showered and go straight to bed .

It's perfectly normal to feel how your feeling , it will pass once you've slept on it a bit ..

all the time your doing these things now without that poison polluting your experience you'll start getting used to it …
i think i read somewhere it takes about 30 days to break that kind of habit of association … but i think thats a kinda average .. so compared to the whole of a glorious sober life then it's not long to have to deal with those feelings is it ?

Also all of those things sounded quite sedentary … maybe now that your brain isn't intoxicated you'll find you have more energy and sitting down pastimes a little bit too sedentary .. you might need something physically engaging …

Keep on

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Hello Eva - I completely relate.
All my hobbies used to revolve around drinking - even the ones that really shouldn't have that involved driving somewhere!!!!

It is extremely difficult at first but soon after you find that you actually remember what you did/ watched / played / saw the day before and the desire fades.

I found that a cold drink of lemonade at hand helps - the sweetness helps reduce the urge for booze.

Congratulations on day 4 - the early days are some of the toughest - keep going and you won't have to do this again.
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Thank you, everyone, for your responses. A lot of great advice and words that leave me feeling hopeful.

It's still difficult for me to visualize my evenings without alcohol. My husband and I are both quitting (we enabled each other for years) and it's put a strain on things.
Not giving in this time around, though. I've started a short exercise routine that is helping.

Originally Posted by MarathonMan View Post
Wheel of time was my favourite book seies if that is what your avatar refers to.
Yes! The "Sedai" comes from Aes Sedai. WoT is one of my favourites.
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