Family issues, thank goodness I'm sober

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Family issues, thank goodness I'm sober

When it rains it pours. My dad has been having a lot of health problems, causing a lot of stress for himself, my mom and myself. I won't go into detail, but it's been tiring trying to help them out while maintaining my own life and sobriety. The good news? I'm clear headed for it, not showing up to the hospital hungover, or wasting the nights at the bar, crying over the situation. That's what I was doing for a while when all this started (minus the hospital part, he's just been in a couple days and should be out soon).

I haven't talked to my parents about quitting drinking. I don't really need to explain myself to them, just decline if they offer me a drink and that's that. Or say I'm driving and since they well remember my DUI in high school (yup, high school), they would never push a drink on me. They are good people. It's really hard to hold it together going through this, but I'm sober. I can't say that a drink hasn't crossed my mind, but just that. I let the thoughts go and try not to latch onto them. I'm too busy to drink anyway.

So, I guess I just had to vent a bit there. Thanks for listening.
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Do your best
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Sorry your dad is in hospital KT sending best wishes for your dad

Sorry its causing you & your mother stress but i think your handling thiings really well

Dont let your av talk to you recognise it and kick the av to the kerb

Were here for you 24/7 KT lean on us whenever you need good job reaching out/venting bud

spk soon friend
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Great job staying sober and reaching out KT.

Like Soberwolf said, stay strong and lean on us 24/7.
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KT great going mate.
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My parents are also up in age now with many health problems. Thank God that we are sober today. Helps us not to fall short when it comes to being there for them. Truly, family could not count on me to be there for them when I was drinking.
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Just another "pro" for being sober. Add it to the ever growing list...being able to help when needed. Great job KT!
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KeepTruckin, I'm sorry that your Dad is having health problems and is in the hospital. It must be stressful for you and your family. It's so good that you are sober and can do what you need to do during this difficult time.
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Prayers and best wishes for you & your mom and dad KT

I'm really glad that over the last few years I've been able to be there for people I love. To me it's one of the gifts of recovery

You're doing great KT...and remember there's always support here for you

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