Close call averted thanks to SR...

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Close call averted thanks to SR...

Bad day yesterday: after various work related mini-dramas I suffered catastrophically broken down car on a cold rainy evening in my old boozing neighborhood…. Anyway, after seeing off the tow truck, I literally bumped smack bang into an old drinking buddy on his way to our preferred watering hole. Of course he encouraged me along reminding me how a glass of red wine or whiskey would help.

Whilst I desperately wanted that quick fix and comfort, the winning thought was "nah, I really really want my little iOS app to have turned over to 105 days tomorrow, and besides, how could I read on SR with a clear head later again if I went boozing…."

Thanks y'all! C
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Just to add: I'm a ridiculously stubborn person. Like Ridiculously! So sometimes pressure works for me in that the more someone or some voice tells me to do something the more I'll resist and want to give it the proverbial *&% You that seems to come so naturally to me

Must remember that, as next time the voice might not be insistent and bossy, just a gentle suggestion to go with the flow…
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Great job!!! Aren't you glad your not hungover starting at day 1? You should be proud!
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That's a great story!! Great job!
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Do your best
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Congrats Calitano
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Behold the power of NO
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Congrats Calitano!
Nice to read about your success!
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Nice job!
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Makes me think though - we make so many of these decisions in micro seconds, and the divergent paths we could take just from a casual or flip yes vs no answer.

I know that if had hit up that dive bar yesterday I would for sure had one then another and then suddenly have stayed until closing time, crept home, slept in and missed work or made it and been rude to someone, and would still be skunking around hungover 8 hours later. No question.
And then what - day one again? or worse - on a bender for weeks, flailing around lost and sick and tired.
Instead, I got home, took a hot shower, shrugged it off and today was great - productive, on top of things, calm. Life's a funny funny thing really…

I suppose every time we practice saying no (flex flex!) the subconscious or neural networks (or AV) must take note.
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