Ready to begin anew....

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Ready to begin anew....

I know you've all heard this before but:

I am so thankful for this thread. It makes me feel like I'm not alone and I love seeing the respect and support of everyone on this site.
Yes, I'm still drinking and when I finish this 12 pack (probably tomorrow night) I'll try AGAIN to commit to stop drinking which usually only lasts two days.
I know everyone will say, throw out what you have left but I'm one that I have to finish everything. (OCD) lol
I am enjoying reading everyone's cries for help as well as honesty. Thank you everyone for that. I shall do the same in the near future as I think that will help me feel more humble with all.
I am currently looking at AA meetings but kinda confused about who meets on what nights in my area. There seems to be a lot and I'm not sure where I should go, etc.
Anyway, I wanted to say hi to all and hope to stay firmly connected to you all during my recovery as it begins.

Hugs, KC
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Welcome KC125

I'm gonna say it anyway

My feeling is..why wait to start a new life?
Let whatever's left of that 12 pack be a tangible sign of your intent from here on in.

bin it

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Thanks for your response Dee. I know what you say is true and there are 6 beers left. My fear is pouring them down the drain and buying more when I'm already broke and may need them since I MAY drink again (in my mind).
I just realized I said, "may need them." Definitely a problem there...but I can't let them go! I have to finish them and then I want to get on the boat to recovery. I really do!!
I feel I have no willpower anymore and that sucks as I used to have strong willpower!
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I have pretty strong willpower - but part of me wanted to drink. Willpower doesn;t work well in that scenario.

Acceptance worked much better for me. I accept I'm immeasurably better off not drinking

I hope you'll come to accept that too

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Welcome to the Forum KC125!!
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Pick a meeting, any meeting and just go. Today.
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Hi, KC!
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Do your best
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Welcome Kc125
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Agreed, it's not about will power, it's about accepting that you can never drink alcohol. I don't use meetings, but if you're confused, call the local number and ask for the information you need. AA is there to help you.
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Wonderful to have you with us KC. You can have a new start - we are with you.
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