Tipping the scales: when sobriety outweighs being drunk

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Powerful post! Thank you for the glimpse into what a sober life can look like! It gives me inspiration to get through my 100th Day 2
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Just mentioned to a friend /coworker today how happy I feel so energetic and smily all the time she said she could see that in my face. Sobriety rocks
81 days
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After only 81 days Im already rewarded, I saved well did not spend on poison $2400 that is now turned into a plane ticket to see my family in Holland (from Australia not looking forward to the 36 hours trip though lol) and I've lost 24.5 pounds and 15 cm (6 inch) off my waiste
When I run up the stairs at work i take two steps at the time and don't get tired
I feel really happy and energetic
My face looks better and eyes too

Pretty good side effects of not drinking
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Fantastic post BigS!!
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What an amazingly thoughtful and grateful post! You gave inspiration to me and I'm the stbxw of an A who unfortunately hasn't gained your courage, insight or desire for a life without alcohol. Congratulations on all of your achievements and new exciting life. Keep up the great work! You are truly an inspiration!
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I just have to comment again. This is one of the greatest posts I have ever read. Can the mods please add this to "Best of Soberrecovery"?
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