2 days away from ONE YEAR of sobreity

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Red face 2 days away from ONE YEAR of sobreity

As I embark on my one year of being sober, I realize lots of little things along the way! How precious life is and your health your body mind and soul all are. As well as how quickly your health your body and mind and soul can deteriorate over time with bad lifestyle choices eating habits and self doubt. I was all of these things prior to becoming sober. I always loved to workout and play sports but I loved my weed and booze just as much and eventually I loved it more and it became more important than being active. It became about getting high and finding someone who was old enough to buy beer or booze so I could get high and drunk for another night or few days. My senior year in high school I focused more on learning how to roll the best blunts than be the best student in class. Sure I might have been able to lift the most weight than most of the people in weight training class, that didn't mean **** when you next priorty after that was finding out who could throw down in the next L we were going blaze after glass and who could steal liquor from their parents so we could get drunk and high and drive around. This was mostly my life from 14-24. 10 years passed and most of my friends graduated college had kids got married moved into houses and we're living the American dream. Not too long before that I was in jail listening and seeing flashes of the 2008 4th of July fireworks at 19 years old through a small little window in my jail cell after resisting arrest and disoordly conduct. That's another story to embark on some other time basically I was a **** up for 10 years had potential but cared more about being cool in class than being smart. Didn't realize it was cooler to be smart until last year.

In this past year Its been pretty lonely and boring to be honest I've lost lots of friends probably because I'm off facebook and Twitter and snap chat and all tat social media crap. On a positive note I go to the gym am eating a lot healthier mostly organic foods fruits vegetables almond milk. When your drunk or high it's amazing what crap you'll put in your body. I'm more organized with money bills and making arrangements as well as cleaning and doing chores. I guess you could say I finally officially became a adult I suppsed even though I've been living on my own since I've been 18. This brings me to a topic I want to talk about.

My best friend from CT who I recently invited to a red sox game for my birthday on April 19th has not responded to my text in a week. I made a trip on March 23 driving from NH to CT then traveling from CT to NYC to watch my hometown favorite Boston whip the Brooklyn Nets ass. It had been a while since I made the trip to CT and my friends work gives him discounts on tickets on of the reasons I went. It was my gf my best friend and two of my other friends we went to school with for quite sometime and one of their gfs and me.

We get to NYC first thing they want to do is find a liquor store to buy booze my best friend and im pretty sure 2 other kids know I've been sober for a year and this is first thing they need to do when they could have bought it the day of or day before. Then while they are drinking water bottle full of vodka and passing it around they light up a few joints in the middle of NYC under a under pass open to the public so I walked 50 or so yards away and sat down and waited for then to finish. It felt more important to then to do this to to go to the game itself. I could remember those days but those days are the past I'll be 26 years old and so will they or already are and its time to grow up.

We take subway to barclays arena in downtown Brooklyn get to arena at 7:15 they immediately stand around contemplating somewhere to go smoke another joint I ask for my gfs ticket and mine and tell them I will see them at the seats. I get to my seats on time to watch tip off they miss the whole first qtr. game ends celtics win we walk out and cross the street and they light up another joint in public. I walk away, we nearly miss subway to get to train then almost miss train to get back to CT. Get back to CT and get before we get in car in parking garage I ask them to smoke before we get in the car. 15 minutes later during the car ride they light up with me in the backseat my gf yells roll the windows down brads been sober for almost a year. I felt really disrespected that my best friend knowingly knew I'm closing in on a year and still did this. The next morning he acted like nothing happend and we were cool.

Now I'm trying to set up a game plan for the red sox game on April 19th for my birthday and he still hasnt responded and its been a week. In thinking about just saying **** you basically how he did to me when he started smoking with me in the backseat and just tell him that I'm going with my sister. He's too deep into the weed! I've known this kid since I've been 6 years old and since 14 hes been smoking he's the one who got me into it. He does the so called Dabs now! It's very pure and builds a high tolerance so now when he smokes weed it's like drinking moonshine then curing your hangover with bud light the next day.

I don't know I normally don't be friend somebody I've known for this long ever but I feel pretty upset and disrespected and I know he knew that because he did apologize. Then try's to invite somebody to the red sox gane when in the one who invited him! Anyways sorry for the rant once again just needed to get tat off my chest sure felt good! I hope everyone has a nice Easter weekend and drive safe if your traveling.
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Well done. You are a very strong person. Congrats on the year. You are an inspiration to me.
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Congrats. That's one heck of a challenging spot to be in.
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A year is brill. That's a toughie mate. Your priority is you, looks like these guys aren't gonna look out for you the way you can.
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Congrats on a year... I too have had to evaluate friendships and such. Time with my casual friends usually revolved around drinking at the local bistro and planning cocktail parties. Sad that I hear through the grapevine that the parties still go on, but I am not invited. I guess that shows what was important to them.

I am ok with that, most of the time. I do miss the activity, the friends, the chatting and all that. But I do not miss being drunk every day for sure.

Being sober does open up new opportunities though. We just have to go out and take advantage of them!
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Congrats on your upcoming year Brad
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Fantastic Brad!!
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One year feels really special. Whatever else is going on, I hope you'll feel truly proud of yourself and will be smiling fit to burst all day long! Enjoy - you've more than earned it
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Congrats Brad!
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