day 2 - no booze

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day 2 - no booze

at times today i really do feel like i got this thing figured out and its not going to be a big deal.

i quite smoking 1 month ago which really was not that big a deal (so why then did it take you 25 years to quit you ask yourself). i just set myself up for the event then followed thru.

so yesterday i stumbled across the AA online forum and watched
then participated and admitted for the first time ever that i was an alcoholic
gabby said to check SR out and i am really glad that she did bc now i can simply write out my feelings

so here i am, i have planned my day so that i will not take a sip
and part of that planning is that i have to visit SR
to read someone else's story and my own first post
to remind myself why i want this

physically, i have a small headache but otherwise beautifully clear minded

i love that so many people have viewed what i wrote which somehow validates my thoughts. it lends support to the fact that i am NOT ALONE. and while i am not able to talk to anyone in person about how this will be tough i can whine whimper and bitch to my hearts content (if i choose). or like i am feeling right now i can celebrate in 48 hours of sobriety

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Welcome to SR, *****; you have found a very supportive community here at SR.
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You are definitely not alone, and I hope you continue to post as you move through your recovery.
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You are definitely not alone. Many of us here are trying to figure it out. When I figure it out I'll let you know. Great job on 2 days.
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Almost 700 years sober
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Welcome *****
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Good on you *****. It took me years to admit I had a problem and then another few years to hate drinking so much that I wanted to turn my back on it.

SR was a website I discovered accidentally after I'd been sober for a few days. Glad I found it.
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Welcome *****. This is a great forum. I'm relatively new myself.
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Welcome *****, I am on day two as well!
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Congrats on 2 days, *****!
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Welcome *****! You will find a lot of great support and advice here. You are not alone, we are all here for you so post and read as much as you like We are happy to have you here!
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Welcome to a safe place
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Welcome *****....stick around and join in whenever you feel the need. There is always someone here.
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wow do you guys make me feel so awesome.
i really do feel like today is the first day for the rest of my life
cheesy and corny but damn it feels good

so rather than doing the usual evening thing (wine, vodka, ciders, .... alone with numbness) i did say that i would plan on my day. so instead i went to a yoga class, came home and cooked a ground turkey dish with fresh veges.

it feels so good to be good to my body.
thanks to all who have been supportive
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Aw good for you!!! Yoga is so great, I haven't done it in years.

What a productive, good to your body and cost-effective night you had =) Congrats
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