90 in 90?

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Ive never seen 90 in 90 hurt anyone, and that level of discipline and commitment definitely helped me. It did not, in no way, shape, or form, produce a spiritual awakening sufficient to overcome alcoholism. The good news is that in the time it takes to do 90 days straight, you can pretty much take all 12 Steps following the BB directions with a good sponsor.
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Hi NightNDay

I'm not in AA but if you think you're past reasons for not doing it are stupid and you're desperate to find something that works for you - why not give it a try?

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What would you be doing if you didn't go to the meeting? Nothing?
If going to a meeting keeps you from drinking just for that time and also reinforces the desire to not drink, then just go. If you don't want to go because it doesn't make sense to you, then go anyway.
90 days going to a meeting is nothing compared to years of the alternative if you decide to keep drinking.

If you make it to 90 days and it still doesn't make sense, at least you made it 90 days. That's about how long it take to start changing an old habit.
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I can't imagine going to 90 meetings in 90 days. I have been to aa a number of times. I went a few times a week for a couple months and going 90 days in a row would make me want to kill them.

I really think it depends on the groups you get. Mine were filled mostly with old men regaling us with anecdotes of their drinking days and chuckling about inane in-jokes and big book wisdom.

If I were to choose between attending 90 meetings on consecutive days or slamming my junk in a car door repeatedly, the meetings would win. Just.

Different strokes and all.
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When I first got sober in 1990, I did 90 days in a half way house and when I got out did another 90 in 90. But I did it out of fear of what might happen if I didn't since everyone told me that was what I was supposed to do. But it did work and I was sober for 23 years.

This time around, I refuse to be motivated by fear. I am motivated by the promises of what will come from living sober. I am attending AA 3-4 times a week primarily to get to know as many people as possible so that I have some accountability. I need the social aspect of the rooms since I always isolated. I address other areas that I consider part of my recovery as well, such as seeing a psychiatrist once every 1-2 months and a therapist weekly. I also read books about personal spirituality that are not recovery based, and of course, try to help others here on SR daily.

If what you have tried before has not been successful, you absolutely need to do something different. If 90 in 90 seems like the first and best option, then go for it! Nothing but good can come from it.
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