Hello,new here and got a couple questions

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Hello,new here and got a couple questions

Hi everyone I just joined the site not too long ago. I am A every other night drinker from about 6 o'clock p.m. until 3 o'clock a.m. I drink anywhere between 12 and 15 beers during this time. I seen on hams website that if you're not a every day drinker then you shouldn't go through serious withdrawals but I'm not sure about that. I'm experiencing the night sweat withdraws now. I also was thinking about checking into Glen beigh for treatment but I've heard good and bad things about there. I was wondering if anybody has any knowledge of the questions I'm asking? my girlfriend also has the same problem she tried to kill herself on Tuesday by taking a bottle of xanax and a bottle of klonopin she went to the ER after I called 911 and she is going in for treatment but she's coming home first and she doesn't want any beer in the house or me drinking in the house or around her but I am afraid not to drink because of the serious withdrawals so I don't know what to do about that part if I'm in danger or not due to not drinking everyday rather than every other day.
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Everyone's different. None of us are doctors here so we really can't give you any guarantees either way about withdrawal.

we have a no medical advice rule anyway

If you're worried about withdrawal the very best thing you can do is see your Dr. FG.

I have no knowledge of any kind of rehab tho, sorry.

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Do your best
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Welcome Fishguts its nice to meet you
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Hope you are ok. If you are experiencing serious withdrawals go to the doctor, don't gamble with your life.
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Yes, do check with your dr about the withdrawal because it can be very dangerous.

I have no experience with rehab either.
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Welcome to the Forum!!
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