20 mos coming up on Friday,

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20 mos coming up on Friday,

I'm celebrating 20 months this Friday. I just wanted to share my latest experience. If you have followed my thread about my license plate on my sold truck you know I went through four months of tremendous worry and I was very close to drink back in November. I received a red light camera ticket last week which threw me in to a tailspin. I got angry and decided to not get back in my old ways of feeling sorry for myself and to let alcohol intervene in my life. I got lucky with the help of God and my sober new resolve. I caught the guy and this can now be resolved. However, I wanted to share with you all how good I feel now and grateful for all the support on SR. So with all this I would like to share something with all the new comers. Despite this success the last few days, my AV creeps in and tries to convince me that I deserve to go to my favorite bar and have a craft beer. Craft beer used to be my weakness. I have been sitting here for two hours fighting this. It occurred to me that by sharing this I might help someone out there and it will help me fight this off. Never mind how long you have been sober, it will be times when the AV voice tries to tell you that you should either celebrate or do a self pity drinking session because you deserve it or you need it to feel better. Instead I chose to come on here and I already feel much better. I have the day off today for a doctor's appointment and I went to the police station to get the report from the plate incident. Thanks for listening and hang in there folks.
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Thank you for telling us about this situation and how you were able to stay sober. Well done!
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Thank you, tnman1967. And congratulations on 20 months! A truly wonderful accomplishment!
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Flex those sober muscles!!! I love it!
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Do your best
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Your 20 months on the day of an eclipse there will be one this friday

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