Who has done Tony Robbins UPW?

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Who has done Tony Robbins UPW?

I experienced the Tony Robbins "Unleash the Power Within" 3 years ago. While some of his ideals along with the immense amount of negative energy in the room (which I call "spam"), were not ideal, I did experience a huge jolt to my nervous system and experiences a huge breakthrough in many ways.

I was able to learn how to understand how to fine tune the instrument through which I live my experiences, my body. I was also able to fine tune my mindset and the intense way Tony produces these triggers caused me to make some permanent changes that I know will stick with me for life.

at the time, I was still drinking, and after UPW, I did not drink for a month or so. Not because I wanted to "stop drinking". It had more to do with the health portion of what I learned. At the time I was not in acceptance of the fact that I'm an alcoholic. I was more focused on other things that I got out of the event.

Now that I know what changes I have made that are permanent, I am considering doing another event with this in mind to further enhance the triggers that will keep me on the path that I want to enjoy for the remaining precious breaths I have left in this life (how ever many there are).

I'm curious as to who has done this post-sobriety and what your experience was. any tips on things I can focus on when I do the event?

thanks in advance!
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I'm unfamiliar with it, but if it's something that you believe will strengthen your sobriety why not?
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Personally I need multiple sources of information to nourish my sobriety, everything from scientific data, poems, research, recovery methods, music, including inspirational speeches.

Yeah, my life pretty much revolves around my recovery. After so many attempts, I decided that this time, if I wanted to succeed it was all or nothing. So far so good.

Glad the event inspired you, and many more to come I hope.
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I read his books a couple of years ago while going through a really bad break-up, been thinking I need to read them again. Especially Awaken the Giant Within, while reading it I had much the same experience as you. Would love to see the man in person, he is intense! ...and he's conquered some addictive behaviour as well.
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His books got me into modelling (other people, not fashion ) and NLP. I also remembering loving The Man-made Prison (by Mateo Tabatabai), explaining how we're victims of our thought patterns and how to break them. Read these books while heartbroken, but I think they deserve another reading with alcohol addiction in mind.
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Ive heard of tony robbins isnt he a life coach guru sort of thing i know ppl say he has really helped so why not

good luck
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