40 days

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40 days

God damn some days are hard. That's really all I can say right now.
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oooooh, I didn't think you could post must be having a hard day...

I have them too....but thankfully they don't get as bad as they used to...when I was early getting sober...and I had MANY really bad days in my active days.

Something humorous...a guy shared at a meeting a while back that when he was drinking, he could tell the future...he knew EVERY day was going to be a BAD day.

I sincerely hope it gets better Beddy, it did for me.
RDBplus3...Happy, Joyous, and FREE...but I still have some HARD days
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Truth. But then again, some days are wonderful Stay real
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Well done! I know some days can be hard.

A wise friend of mine often helps me by reminding me how lucky we are to have a roof over our head, food on the table, a decent health. Makes the hard days seem easier.
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Hang in there beddy! 40 days is awesome! Be proud, this isn't easy!
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congrats on 40 days hot dang it!
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Do your best
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Brilliant Beddy 40 days is great

Well done
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