What was more difficult to get quit for you?

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What was more difficult to get quit for you?

Drinking alcohol?


Smoking cigs?

I'm going on 6 weeks smoke free and 10 weeks alcohol free. I didn't quit smoking until I learned my wife was pregnant so we quit smoking togethor. I'm curious which one was tougher to quit for others.

Quitting smoking was difficult for me. I had many many many urges but after 3-4 weeks those urges started becoming less and less. I had plenty of urges to drink as well but not as many as I did for a smoke. The physical withdrawals of alcohol were much more prominent. Lost sleep, tachycardia, sweating, upset stomach, mood swings....etc. for me it was much more difficult to stop drinking than it was for me to quit smoking. I drank for 15 years and smoked for about the same.

What was everyone else's experience?
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I quit smoking in 1993 and apart from a few months of cravings, I don't even think about smoking anymore and the smell of it makes me sick. I will never smoke again, even if they came up with a cigarette that had no bad side effects. I just think it's a useless habit.

Alcohol is a much harder drug to kick, in my opinion, because it is such a part of our society and is used to celebrate and commiserate. It's everywhere and no one makes you step outside to drink (unlike smoking - where a person is physically ostracized to partake in their habit).
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Calico - yes, not only are smokers motivated by powerful social ostracism to quit, after quitting there is 100% support for remaining quit - unlike alcohol, where folks are actively offering, cajoling, modeling, & romanticizing.

I quit alcohol first, & am glad I staggered the two; I've never successfully quit smoking while continuing to drink (because the two go hand in hand).

In the US, at this point, smoking is a "dirty & shameful habit," as someone will be happy to lecture you about while swilling booze.

Quitting cigs was more difficult for me emotionally & physically than quitting booze. It is also the one of the two that I most proud of (maybe because of public sentiment?)...
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Alcohol without a doubt
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I was a smoker for nearly 20 years, on and off, sometimes pretty heavy. I could actually always stop without problems for a while, but then restarted most often triggered by social situations when I was with other smokers. Then in the end I just quit completely about 6 years ago and had absolutely zero problem. Did not use any replacement and did not have any cravings. I guess nicotine and the smoking habit is just not very addictive for me in terms of dependence.

Alcohol, on the other hand... extremely hard to stop it. I drank alcoholically for about 8 years. I had the intention for at least 5-6 years before I finally quit, but never got even as far as one week sober. I tried this without any support or recovery regime, so very clear I could not quit simply by deciding and using willpower. For alcohol, I had intense and frequent cravings from hell for a few months after I stopped. Definitely much more addictive for me.
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I hear you Owl. Ex-smokers are given loads of accolades, whereas if someone says they are an ex-drinker, we often get the side-eye. Why are you an ex-drinker? Are you some kind of drunk? There is not the same motivation to declare oneself an ex-drinker.
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I have to admit I was a little scared to read this thread because I am alcohol free and it is getting very manageable living without it. I was worried I would get some horror stories about quiting smoking. I have been wanting to quit smoking for a bit but also figured it would be better to stagger the quitting. My old sponsor told me to "focus on what'll kill you quicker" so naturally the smoking took a backseat to other substances. I feel more prepared and determined to quit smoking lately, I hate it, it really brings me down everytime I light up a cig but I do it anyway! If I don't smoke for an extended period I start to feel anxious, irritable and it seems to get worse and worse until I smoke, but then I feel a physical change and my mood sinks for at least 15 min after, such a catch 22. I know it won't get as bad as the other things I kicked as far as W/D's go, its more mental, but still just because it's mental doesn't mean its not a real challenge.

Congrats on all of you who quit smoking. Your posts give me hope.
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I'm doing both together.. Ripping the band aid in one swoop! I tried the not drinking but smoking and I did the drinking and not smoking! Both ways failed miserable as I would pick both of them up again after a few months at the most. I am 5 day quit today ( from both) and it still sucks! I'm on Wellbutrin for depression and it is definitely helping with the cravings from alcohol and nicotine! I just need to get through this ***** none negotiable this time! It will get better!! It really will I truly believe it this time!
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For me nicotine cravings are quick, direct and to the point . Alcohol cravings are something more insidious and slowly build up over time. I'd say Alcohol for me.
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I smoked for 20 years and quit on New Years day 1991 as a resolution. Never smoked again. For me it was easier that quitting alcohol. Smoking didn't alter my mood like alcohol, so maybe that is why I found it easier to quit.
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It was very hard to quit drinking but it was harder for me to quit smoking. I did eventually quit smoking by switching to an e-cig.
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Sugar - by far!!!
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I quit smoking over 15 years ago. Took more than a few attempts and I remember having to really really want to stop. But when I did remember feeling like if I could quit smoking I could do anything. Well…
15 years later I've finally quite alcohol too. It's harder, the cravings both more subtle and more insidious. But I remember that I successfully managed to quit a 10 year 20-a-day smoking habit and I've learnt a few other tricks since too.
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Quittung smoking was really hard for me But after 2-3weeks it was done.That was not so hard staying smoke-free.I still think about it sometime but it gets easier over time.on the other hand with alcohol I didn't have much withdrawal and was easy to quit.But it is really sneaky and I'm kind of afraid of these cravings! Staying sober is a real challenge for me.
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Smoking was much easier for me because there was never a thought of moderating. I knew I couldn't cut back as whatever number I cut back to would increase and I would be right back where I started in no time. I knew this, and quit cold turkey, never had another cigarette. Wasn't smart enough to use the same thought process when I quit alcohol the first time .....for some reason, I thought I could moderate alcohol.... THIS time I know better and it is much easier as I don't have any thoughts of moderation!
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