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Hello all!!!! How are you? I am once again resurrecting this old thread from 2004. I know how difficult it can be to maintain sobriety, so I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your success. What a journey this is. Celebrate your one day of sobriety and your 30 years sobriety!

I celebrated 18 years of sobriety on August 1, 2022. What a wonderful feeing it is!

I came here to post an update. My brother has liver cancer and is in line for a liver transplant. If he doesn't get the transplant, I'm not sure how long he will survive. I think he is still drinking. I cut him out of my life in 2015 (no contact). Last year, he found a way to contact me on Facebook even though I had him blocked. The only communication I have with him is texting via Facebook messenger once in a while. It's a sad situation.

At the same time (2015), I had cut off my sister. She is an alcoholic and I just couldn't cope with the both of them needing my assistance. Last year, we started talking again but things have not changed. Last night, she called me late and left a drunk message on my phone. This has been going on a lot. I've asked her not to contact me when she is drinking and this past spring I suggested she go to AA again. When she calls me drunk, she tells me how well she's doing in AA when I know she is not in AA. Should I text her today and tell her to stop drinking or just keep ignoring her phone calls. The whole situation is awkward and sad. Thanks for any advice.

I am living my dream. I'm happy and content. That's all I can do. (Maybe that's my answer, lol!)

Hope you are all doing well.

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wow - itís very inspiring to read the first post of this thread and see how similar it is to my experience and then to read all the way through and see your success!! thank you for bumping this and congratulations. sorry to hear about your brother.
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Congratulations on 18 years of recovery and thanks for the update.

I don't see any point in telling your sister to stop drinking. She will stop if and when she is ready. Set the boundary you want and need to protect yourself. Go No Contact if that's the best option for you to take care of yourself.
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Awesome Work!

Family can be difficult.

Thanks for posting
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Welcome back! . And big congrats on 18 years sober!
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Congratulations on 18 years of sobriety NancyEllen

Sorry to hear about both your siblings continuing to drink to the detriment of their health. You need to continue to do what's best for you and it sounds like that could be either limited or no contact with your siblings.
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Good to see you NacyEllen - congrats on 18 years

Good advice on your siblings here too I think - I don't know about you but I could not be told by anyone until I decided to stop for myself.

I hope both your sister and brother are lucky enough to get a window of clarity and stop.

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Sometimes you just got to go No Contact. Particularly true when 'nothing changes', and beating head against brick wall just doesn't work.

Congratulation on 18 years sobriety.
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NancyEllen - Wow you have not posted since 2013. Welcome back and congratulations. Have a wonderful day.
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I really enjoyed reading this personal account of the last 18 years. You have done a great job. Congratulations.
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