Overcoming Meth Addiction

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Overcoming Meth Addiction

I'm starting this thread for anyone struggling to overcome the first few months of meth addiction. I myself am 156 days clean today, by the grace of God. I have had my struggles, whether it be with a desire to use, or a desire to sell. I know how fast paced that lifestyle is, and just slowing down can be hard for those of us in the early stages of our personal recovery.
That's one thing I've noticed about recovery from meth- recovery is intensely personal. I've talked with many people whose hell is so deeply different than the next person that it makes me wonder how this one drug can take so much from everywhere.
Another thing that I've noticed is the taboo that comes with being a recovering meth addict. I've run into walls at AA, churches, and even at recovery centers that almost feel like these people don't want to have anything to do with me. I think this comes from lack of education on what meth addiction is, and what kind of recovery it takes to overcome.
So I guess this thread is just a welcome mat for anyone struggling with meth. I know what its like to be a junkie, to live in hell, and do time. I know what its like to choose meth over my kids, my relationships, and my job. I know what its like to call meth my best friend and defend it to my parents, friends, and co-workers. And I know what its like to love it even after it has taken everything from me.
I think we can all help each other with any questions, shared experiences we might have, what to do's, and how to live's. It all starts with feeling like we're welcome.
Hi. My name is Dan. I am a recovering meth addict.
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Do your best
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Welcome Dan its nice to meet you congrats on your 156 days
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My son is a meth addict. It is very encouraging to see someone who has made it that long sober. Congrats!
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Welcome to the Forum Dan!!
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