Still drinking after all the evidence

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Hi Kik,

I'm a recovered lawyer as well, although I still practice. Just not in large firm. Can't pay me enough to stay in that toxic environment. You can PM me, but why not just post for the community?

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Welcome, and congratulations on your first steps towards recovery.

If I may share some of my experiences in starting down the road to sobriety early last year (and with a few hiccups along the way), is that in AA, I have met a very broad range of people. And as a casual observer looking at the long-term 'older sober members', it is our shared issue of alcoholism and/or drug addiction that not only brings many people together, but makes apparent that as humans, we aren't so different once we lower the facade, and our professions seem to become irrelevant.

For me personally, I am moderately educated, but have no formal profession, and a poor job history. If you were to tell me a year ago that I would be making acquaintances (in some cases even friends) with doctors, professional musicians, homeless men, successful business owners, heroin users, long term ex-prisoners, academically uneducated tradesmen & IT professionals, gay & lesbian folks, I would have laughed at the idea. But I can pick up my phone right now if I were feeling a moment of weakness and chat with someone that knows me by name and is happy to chat, regardless of their (or my) professional stature.

At the core, and when we are open and honest with ourselves and others, the fellowship of humanity needs not be driven by the job we do. I see this not only in AA, but also another group that I'm occasionally involved with.
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