Alcohol and Valium

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Alcohol and Valium

Hi there,

I know this website is not for Medical advice nor is it for diagnoetic purposes but I have a question regarding soma recent binge that I had. I've recently come off a 4 day alcohol binge that also included valium to help manage the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol. Although the details are quite sketchy as I was in and out of consciousness but I'll try and piece the details together here.
Day 1 - Significant amount of alcohol.
Day 2- Drinking steady throughout the day. 20mg of temazapam to sleep.
Day 3 - Alcohol and 20 mg of Diazepam
Day 4 - Stopped drinking approximately 1-2pm and then approximately 35 mg of Diazepam. Went to ER who performed blood tests, ECG and advised I was stable. I Slept relatively well last night but have woken up with very intense anxiety and although I still have quite a substantial amount of valium available to me I'm extremely paranoid about taking any more to manage the anxiety right now as I know that it doesn't take a lot to become addicted to Diazepam. can anyone advise if the anxiety I'm feeling now is alcohol withdrawal or benzo withdrawal. I'm still feeling quite sedated and would rather ride this out them med up again but am looking for any words of wisdom that may be able to shed some light on whats happening to me right now. Does anyone have any experience with a similar kind of binge that may be able to help

Thanks in advance.
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You need to speak with the doctor that prescribed the benzos or another doctor - we can't give medical advice here, which is what you are asking for.
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Absolutely, speak with your dr.
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I agree with the others, you need to speak to your doctor or go back to the ER...
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I always had bad anxiety after a drinking binge. I never took meds but alcohol withdrawal certainly can come with intense anxiety. My binges usually were followed by 3 days holed up at home unable to sleep and too anxious to do anything but sit in front of the TV until I recovered.

Keep posting here and we can help you ride it out.
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Could be either or both. Def best to speak to your dr as sudden withdrawal from both alcohol and benzos can be dangerous. Xx
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Anxiety comes with drinking. You need to be honest with your DR. We have no idea what is causing what here as it seems like you are on a few drugs and alcohol. Are you taking these drugs for a medical condition?

All I know is that the combo and alcohol and opiates can be deadly and seriously damaging to your body.
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We can't give medical advice but I sure know that merry go round of drinking hard and then taking benzos to cope with the withdrawal anxiety. Until I could drink again. Over and over again.

My anxiety stopped almost completely when I decided to give up the alcohol. I was no longer a slave to the benzos and alcohol. And taking the two in concert was pretty stupid as it can cause heart failure.

Talk to your doctor. If you drink, don't take the benzos. If you take the benzos, don't drink. Stay well.
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You must have already got past this episode. You can PM me. I was a walking benzo cabinet and master of alcohol withdrawal using taper with meds..i was a sick puppy ...was!
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