Drinking dreams

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Drinking dreams

Hey everyone I haven't posted in awhile but I've been sober and reading people's posts. Today is day 103 for me, this is the longest Ive ever been sober. Last night I had a drinking dream that was really disturbing to me. In my dream I drank heavily and then I sobered up and my family told me all the things I did while drunk and I had no memory of it. When I woke up I had to calm myself down by saying it was just a dream. It felt so real though, there were many times I would drink and people would tell me what I said and did and I would have no memory of it. That's probably why it scared me so much. Does anyone else have drinking dreams that seem so realistic?
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Congrats on triple digits! Yep, drinking dreams are very, very common and can be very vivid. But they are simply dreams - not reality. We can have vivid dreams about lots of different things, and sometimes drinking will find it's way into our thoughts too. If nothing else it's a good reminder of why we don't drink anymore, right?
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I have them too. Completely normal.
Congrats on triple digits!!!
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Congrats on 103 days!

I've only had one drinking dream since I've stopped drinking, but it was also very realistic... it was scary, but it was also a reminder of why its important to be sober!
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Yes. I am just over one year sober and I had two (two nights in a row) just out of the blue. Totally weirded me out for a bit. I just kept reminding myself that it was just a dream and that I didn't really drink, nor did I even want to.
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I get them now and again, they can be quite a ride!!

But dreams, and thoughts are not actions, pushing through is all we can do!!
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Yea just replied on another thread literally a minute ago. Had another one the other night. Apparently it's really common but they can be really scary when wake up and think totally ****** up until realise it was a dream xx
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