As a Drunk I was a God, being Sober made me a Man

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As a Drunk I was a God, being Sober made me a Man

"As a Drunk I was a God, being Sober made me a Man"
Lancashire 2015

3 weeks Sober Today.

All of my hopes and all of my dreams could I wish to be sober for so long and with more resolve each passing day.

As a drunk, I used to command oceans. Run across sandy beaches with my mighty sword in my hand and soar into the air like the God of Thunder or a Terrifying Genie. My delusions were complete, happiness was moments away, that next drink would make me feel invincible.

In reality, commanding oceans meant staggering around a beach, shouting at the sea with a bottle of Stella Artois in my hand as I would trip and fall face first into the sand.

3 weeks sober, I am not a God, but I am coming to terms with I am a man. I can take pleasure in my food as my sense of taste has returned. I can work in the mornings and sleep at night, not vice versa.

I take pleasure in seeing my family proud of me, returning to normailty.
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Great post - terrific analogy.

Congrats on 3 weeks. It's cliche but true: It works when you work it.
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Do your best
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Hi Lancashire awesome job on 3 weeks bud !!

i had to giggle as that was me i thought i was immortal nothing could kill me i was invincible

Sobriety showed me diffrent and im cool being me not invincible not immortal

Real exellent post Lancashire
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Awesome Lancashire!

Very inspiring post!
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Its funny but for me it was the other way around...maybe my alcoholism was a little more advanced. For a few years my confidence was eroding. Too many meetings missed or rescheduled, I was aware not really reaching my potential even though I was doing ok, too many disappointed looks from my wife. I felt down. Not depressed but kind of down in myself that my life was slipping away. Now that I am 9 weeks sober I feel really strong. Dependable, lucid and living in the moment. Much more sensate to peoples emotions and I feel I am back on track. The one thing we have in common is that alcohol equally screwed us up.
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Fantastic Lancashire!!
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Until It Sleeps
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That was great, what I needed. Thanks.
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Congratulations on 3 weeks sober.

Great depiction of alcohol induced delusions.
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Congats Buddy! We have a lot in common.
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Originally Posted by headcase1 View Post
Congats Buddy! We have a lot in common.
x3. Good one
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I will NOT drink to that!
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That is awesome!!! Very inspiring post, keep up the fantastic work!

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Great analogies, Lancashire; really enjoyed your posts.

Congrats on three weeks.
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Relatable and inspiring, Lancashire. Congrats on your new sobriety
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What a relief eh? Congrats on being amongst the many, the one.....Humanity.
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Its a cold and its a broken hallelujah.
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LOVE this. Thank you for sharing your brilliance !

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