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Now i fight the beast; day two of sobriety

hi guys,

I am a long time drinker and occasional drug user. I have been drinking very heavy for the last three years and only now gathered the weaponry to challenge the beast. Until yesterday, i never thought about absolute recovery. A life without drink seemed impossible. How would i socialize, meet women, travel the world with a smile on my face. Now I realise the debilitating state I have degraded myself down to, to the detriment of my career, my ability to sleep, my ability to think clearly. At the moment i am in my local cafe in a small quiet town in the philipines. I have been travelling for three years and working sporadically. This small town I am in is full of expat retirees, all of whom drink heavily. I plan to make it through the first week here or thereabouts and then head off into the jungle for a few days of trekking. For now, I am trying to keep myself occupied but already today I have really bad shakes and am sweating profusely. That is my story for now. I will type more when this battle gives me the time to do so. It is difficult to type with these awful shakes. I hope this website will help me through this and some of you guys can give me some magic words that will help me persevere.
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Welcome, justoffthesauce, to SR, and congratulations on your decision to lead a sober life.

Would you be able to catch any AA meetings before heading off into the jungle? Face to face support could be beneficial.

Glad you found SR.
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MariahGayle (01-20-2015)
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Almost 107 years sober
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Welcome JOTS nice to meet you
Every soul is like a raindrop that falls from the sky into one vast ocean of consciousness. Most raindrops hit the surface and make a small ripple that fades away ... but some ripples become waves.

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Soberwolf found treatment at AA/Sober Recovery
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Hi and welcome justoffthesauce. If you are concerned about withdrawal don't hesitate to seek medical help. Detox can be problematic for some of us.

YOu;ll find a lot of support and good ideas here tho. I'm glad you found us
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Hillbilly Girl
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Glad you are here JOTS - I would advise you to seek medical help with detox...can be dangerous. Glad you are here with will find much support & encouragement here!
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I backpacked around Asia for 2 years, working sometimes too, my alcoholism was really bad there, except one time I stayed sober for about 3 weeks in Thailand of all places.
I met so many alcoholic expats, drug addicts too :/
The good news is that travel is better off the drink, I was sober in Istanbul, Ireland (weird I know) and almost sober backpacking in Cuba ( a small slip) a couple weeks ago. I'll never be a drunk traveller again.
You can do it, good call going to the jungle to trek!!
Come back and let us know how it was!!!
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Life is an unlikely miracle.
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Welcome to the fourm .JOTS

Magic words...."I will not drink today" ! I know that sounds flippant and twee but it really is a powerful phrase.

I hope you stick around , there is tons of support here.
Stop trying to leave, and you will arrive.
Stop seeking, and you will see.
Stop running away, and you will be found.
-Lao Tzu.
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"I don't drink and never will". You may find this helpful. The mantra quoted comes from there. It helped me greatly. I especially recommend "AVRT explained". Best wishes on slaying the beast.
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Welcome to the Forum!!
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Welcome. You've come to a great place.
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