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Brand New and Trying to Stay on Track

hi everyone. It's only day four and the first two were doozies with the night sweats. Otherwise, I think I got off easier than I deserve. I guess I'm just looking for support. I live alone and although I do have friends and family, I do have this drinking problem - and the sad part is that i often drink out of boredom, which seems like such a pathetic reason. Or just for company. So sad really. It calmed me, and I felt better about things. However I realize I do NOT have a handle on this. Right now I feel so good - four days out and I feel better than I have in weeks. Yet I have a trip coming up and it's hard to imagine a plane ride and hotel without my "friend". It kills me that I cannot get this in check. Can't I just remember how much better I look and feel after just four little days? And how that would look and feel after 30 and beyond? Any words of wisdom would help, because I'm obviously not listening enough to the intelligent voice in my head, I'm listening to the wino.
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Welcome aboard Yankees
why not check out our Class of January support thread?

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Good that you know the difference between the intelligent voice and the wino. Now lock the wino up and toss the key. You can win this internal struggle. You already have taken the first step admitting it's a problem. Now the work begins. This is a great place for getting some helpful advice and just vent.
Good job making it four days. It will steadily get easier and you will feel and look better the more time you get in.
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Sober Soldier
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Hi yankees you'll find lots of wisdom here.

Well done on 4 days

More power to you!

ďItís tempting to want to live in the past. Itís familiar, itís comfortable. But itís where fossils come from.Ē
-Captain America
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I'm a wino too.
I just finished a trip, made it through the plane, hotel etc without a drink.
I did slip later, but I was surprised and happy that I made it through so many parts of the trip I would normally drink through
Best wishes, where are you going?
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Hi Yankees! Glad you joined us You might think of it this way, a flight will be short compared to the damage drinking can do- hangover, recovery etc. At the hotel can you have access to SR? Make a plan and stick to it, you can do this!

Plan a reward you can have when you return from your trip still sober so you have something to look forward to.
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Thank you all for the kind and helpful words, this will be a good place for me (that I will have access to!). Business trip to Chicago. Not a long one and I can probably even get out of a dinner to avoid the wine with dinner issue. But my trick has always been get a nice bottle (s) and bring it back to the room. I'm just sick of the extra weight too - and as I get older, my Dr. visits are getting a lot less forgiving. There is nothing good about my continuing to drink so the fact that it's something I still have to convince myself NOT to do gives me chills. I like the reward idea. :-) This is helping.
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Can you imagine that after I stopped, I had convinced myself that first bad night of chills (lasted a few hours on night one) and nightsweats (2 nights of drenched clothes!) were from getting feverish from working too hard? I am from NY, was working in Boston and hitting the bottle as usual. What an idiot thinking "I need my rest" I'm working too hard. I would have been fine without the wine. My liver and pocketbook need the rest, the other stuff will work itself out! As you can see, I see this for what it is - but it's seductive and draws me back. Thank you for helping me try to stay strong and sober!
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Hi and congratulations with not drinking, even if.

This suggestion may give you the shivers but works if we work it and has helped millions. I did it and it was quite successful and rewarding while traveling many places in the world.

Go to AA meetings in your free time! I hope you were sitting and prepared for something most don’t want to even consider, considering death as a better alternative which too often happens.

Try to keep posting and stay positive about the acceptance we are people who just can’t drink in safety.





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Yankees, Welcome to SR! Drinking can become such an ingrained habit and associated with certain activities. Once you take a flight and stay in a hotel without alcohol, it will be easier the next time. Plan out what you will do on the flight. Read a book, do crossword puzzles etc...Plan what you will do with your down time in the hotel. Maybe in your down time on the trip, go see a movie, visit a museum etc.....and definately check in here if you feel you need to.
I hate to spoil the ending but everything is going to be ok.
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Welcome to a great place for support. Glad you found us
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Life is an unlikely miracle.
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Welcome, Yankees, you've come to the right place
Stop trying to leave, and you will arrive.
Stop seeking, and you will see.
Stop running away, and you will be found.
-Lao Tzu.
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Welcome to SR, Yankees.

Wine was my poison, too.

When do you leave for your trip?
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Hay Yank:

I drank out of boredom too. I enjoy outdoor sports. When I was in the heyday of my addiction, my canoes, kayaks and camping gear had years of dust on them. They got in the way of my drinking. I would just sit and look at this stuff in my garage as I entered oblivion on a nightly basis. Now these things are dust free if you catch my drift.

With regard to travelling, I travel a lot for work and I too, was caught in the trap of drinking while on the road. When I am on the road now, I look for popular restaurants that are unique and have a nice dinner. I also take in local attractions, if I have time. Like museums, old train stations and the like. Also when I am at the airport, bookstores have the read and return thing available. so basically you can rent a book for around $5 bucks and when your done you can return it to whatever book store at any airport and check out a new book in its place. This has help to keep me out of the airport bar. Just a few suggestions, but your desire to not drink will make the rest easier. Have a great, sober trip Yank.
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Be the best version of you
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Welcome Yankees nice to meet you
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Welcome to the Forum Yankees!!
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