6 months today, thank you SR!

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6 months today, thank you SR!

I wouldn't have done it without SR by my side. I'm doing okay I'd say. Lots has changed. My finances are under my control and if everything goes as planned I'll be debt free by the end of 2015. Alcohol was really taking a huge chunk of take home pay, not too mention drunk shopping. I'm probably in the best shape of my life. I still think of drink and how nice a bottle of red would be on a cold winter night, but some kind of 'force' or fear maybe, keeps me from going there. I do miss my social life, even though it wasn't sober and got sloppy with bad decisions at times. I feel lonely when my kids are not around. I also hope I find some motivation to
do the things I hoped sobriety would allow. Example finishing my degree...but I am stalled at the application essay. I have there promotional exam books that I've barely looked at too. I have a year long subscription too 'that' dating website(a drunk purchase), I threw up a quick profile, but never follow through with corresponding more than once. I always used drinking as my excuse, maybe I'm just lazy... lol Anyway I want to thank SR for always being here for me. I'll like my sober life today over waking up the next morning wondering what I'd done the night before. I hope in the next 6 months I'll find some motivation to move forward with my goaltender for the future.
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Very nice pumpkinny. Congratulations.
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Realising my life
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Congratulations on 6 months, pumpkinny - and to the start of your new life!
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With continued sobriety good things will continue to happen, many times beyond our wildest dreams!

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congrats to you on 6 amazing months!
and yay to being debt free! I'm almost there myself. It feels AWESOME.
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Well done on 6 months Pumpkinny! That's a great achievement.

L x
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Do your best
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Well done on 6 months sober Pumpinny that is exellent

Ccongrats bud
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Life Health Prosperity
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Pumpkinny, 6 months is just FANTASTIC, congratulations, rootin for ya.
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Congratulations pumpkinny!
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Well done, Pumpkinny, well done! Keep up the great work; you are worth it!
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Fantastic Pumpkinny!!
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Congratulations, pumpkinny. Six months is awesome.

Everything takes time; you will find the motivation to work on goals, in time. Your body and mind have been busy healing and probably still are to some degree. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the journey.
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Thanks all, I appreciate it! To mark this milestone, last night I sat down and put on paper a 'to do' list and an outline for my admission essay. I'm feeling a bit accomplished this morning. Hope to keep the energy and move forward.
Yay! My first beautiful flower! Ty neferkamicheal!
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late - but congrats anyway pumpkinny

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congratulations to a fellow Julyer!xx
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well done.
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Congrats Pumpkinny!!
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way to go pumpkinny!
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