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Still, the most terrifying thing is waking up. I think my first time was with my car half in a lake. Had to call a friend to winch me out. Not trying to do the one-up thing. That was real. Really real.

The terrifying is when you wake up.
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Originally Posted by Wastinglife View Post
Although blackout binges are not something to laugh at, I couldn't help but chuckle at the "Remember who won the war" comment. Especially because Belgium was on our side and were occupied by Germany against their will. I think the Belgians are quite happy we won the war. If you had flown to Berlin, you might have gotten a different reaction haha

I have similar stories. Madness.
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I woke up in NYC in someone's apartment I didn't know. It took me having to talk to the resident to remember that I had traveled there with my mother (i was a minor) who had got so drunk she passed out at my sister's apartment. It turns out we got separated and both of us were drunk. The apartment was a friend of a friend. To this day I try to replay the events of that night. And I thank my higher power that there were some decent people watching out for me.

Sorry didn't mean to hijack your thread. Glad you made it back ok.
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Stay sober & you'll never have to go through that again.You can do it!
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Thumbs up

Had numerous blackouts myself friend. Thankfully no run ins with the Law. Prayers ascending for you!
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