Power of Thought

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Power of Thought

Hi, all)

This thread is not directly related to addiction, but I wanted to share this with you anyway.

Because it's about the power of thought. And it had such a WOW effect on me today.

Recently I've started suffering from nighttime leg cramps. I know I have to go see a doctor about that, but not the point at the moment.

Muscle spasms happen mostly early in the morning - immediately after I wake up, or, a couple of time it was the cause why I woke up.

Spasms are really tough and extremely painful - I feel like my muscles are shrinking and about to explode from within. It takes a few minutes of extreme pain to cope with it.

They advice to keep a needle near to ease the spasm. But I either forget to keep it near my bed, or just not excited about the idea of a small sharp needle near me. I mean - when it's dark, I am half asleep, and in extreme pain, I can easily lose it in bed and hurt myself.

Ok, close to the original idea.

Today, just exactly the moment I woke up, there was severe spasm in my left calf. I knew what I am going to go through. I got just sick at the mere idea of tolerating torturing pain again. So, being still half-awake, for some unexplainable reason, I decided to rely on something I never tried before to fight this - to use the power of my mind.

I had no choice. I had not time to doubt, rationalize, or contemplate it - I had to. Pain made me do this.

I told myself "My muscle is relaxed. My muscle is relaxed. My muscle is relaxed".

And the most important thing is how I told it - without any doubt that it wouldn't work. With a strong belief it will help. That there is just no other way for it but to help me.

Believe it or not - spasm was gone immediately. And never came back.

My, I surprise myself today!

What a great way to start a day by unexpected, almost half-conscious exercise of power of my mind.

So, what I am trying to say here?

If you want something really bad. If pain gets you sick, and gets unbearable. If addiction causes so much pain that the thought of tolerating it consequences again, terrifies you, then say to yourself strongly and with all dedication possible "I will end this".

And then do. Your mind will help. Tune your mind on the right wave, and take actions. More actions.

P.S. Bear with me for this pep talk. I am still kind of impressed)
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Wow Mb that is amazing im ready glad you were able to use mind ive heard of this

Glad you got rid of the spasms

have a great day
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MidnightBlue, good morning, FANTASTIC, have a nice day.
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i to belive we can retrain our minds infact for me its a must i have to change how i think and how i react and feel

most of my life i reacted to things out of fear so the answer for me was that i had to start facing things i was scared of

i remember in my early days in aa i would of owed a lot of money out to different places and i would get bills coming in with no way to pay them so i would hide the bills under the bread bin as thats how i would deal with it and then ignore knocks on my door incase it was people coming to turn off my electric or whatever

i was scared to sort things out like anyone with half a mind would be able to do

so i had to retrain my brain, if i bill came in and i couldnt pay it i would have to call them up and arrange some sort of weekly payment

i would be scared of doing this and beliving that the people at the other end of the phone would call me names or get cross with me or make me feel like a pile of rubbish for not being able to pay

well as you know they dont do that if you contact them then they will help you and thats what i found happend

today my bills are all payed up if a bill comes in it gets paid such is the growth in me and how i have had to change etc

so the power of the mind is really an amazing thing, like they say you can do anything so long as you put your mind to it
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I'm also a huge believer in the power of the mind! We create our own realities all the time. When I was a kid my hippy mom took me to get hypnotized to treat a planters wart... I was deeply relaxed then told to visualize that spot on my foot being really really cold and true story the wart went away on it's own. That's just a small example but it works. Anyone read the story about the two bowls or rice? One group of people told one bowl of rice how terrible it was and how much the hated it. Another group told the other bowl how wonderful it was and how much the loved it. The bowl that was shown love did well and the one that was shown hate rotted. True story. The power of thought is an incredible thing.
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Zig Ziglar has a quote which I find powerful.

You are who you are and what you are because of what has gone in to your mind. You can change who you are and what you are by changing what goes in to your mind.
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I'm sorry that you are suffering with this pain, MB. There are many people who use meditative-type mental exercises to ease chronic pain. There are also approaches, most often supervised by a professional, that take advantage of the power of the mind and how it can change perception, like biofeedback or neurofeedback. One main application of these is also pain management. Hope you find relief, one way or another!
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