Some days are harder than others.

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Some days are harder than others.

Maybe it's the holidays, or the cold gloomy weather, maybe some days my AV is stronger than others. It's 7:20 in the morning after a lousy nights sleep and a drink sounded good. Well I know it will pass. Going shopping with my wife latter and she likes it that I haven't been drinking and I like making her happy, just some days are harder than others.
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Making your wife happy is very, very good.

Ride out the urge - it will pass.
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Hang in there and stay sober. Your sobriety is the best present you can give your wife.
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I will NOT drink to that!
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Amen to some days being harder than others! You are sober today & that's all that matters. Stay in the moment & stay the course!
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Do your best
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Zeppo you are doing exellent you were spot on some days are harder than others

your persevering which is totally awesome Zeppo

Well done mate
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You're right, it will pass. Stay strong. I hope tomorrow is better for you.
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Originally Posted by zeppodog View Post
just some days are harder than others.
That's called normal life, I think Have a pleasant day shopping and making each-other happy with your wife and without alcohol, it sounds great!
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Hang in there Zeppo!!

There is gonna be good and bad days even in Sobriety, the main thing is not going back to the default of alcohol to deal with it, do other things and keep pushing through!!
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Hi Zeppo, I drag my husband out with me too, to carry the

Keep saying no to that av, don't feed that wolf. After a while the wolf knows how to behave and a rare occasion he speaks, he is quickly quietened down. with training.

Get those muscles ready for your shopping trip, lol.
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"I like making her happy." That is so incredibly sweet.
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Stay strong Zeppo - sober Christmases are the best

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Life is an unlikely miracle.
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Hey Zeppo,

Good for you for staying strong.
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Yes, some days are definitely harder than others...and we get a little battle weary. Those are scary days. I have just recently realized that I have to get way more proactive in my preventative measures. I simply cannot afford to let myself get..
Too hungry
Too angry
Too lonely
Too tired...

Or I may not be able to haul myself off the tracks when that AV locomotive starts hauling azz at me full force.

Your tired and weary Zepp... please take good care of yourself today. Wrap yourself in some sort of gentle warm blankie of self nurture.
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Just got back from shopping, the big urge to drink didn't last too long, made it thru another day sober, thanks for the support.
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I'm experiencing the same thing with some days being harder than others. And yes, this time of year, despite a joyous season, can bring tons of stress for many (I dare say most) people in the country.
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Do your best
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Way to go Zeppo
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Great job, Zeppo! Some days sure are hard but going to bed at night sober makes a hard day feel like a success.
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I hope today's an easier day Zeppo. Well done getting through the tough days!
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When Momma's happy, everybody's happy!

Good for you Zeppo.
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