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Just wanted to say a hello to all.... This is quite new to me, not recovery, but the electronic side to it... A wonderful way to connect to many people..... Hang in there.... One day at a time.
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I'm glad you found us.
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...holds the key
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Hi and welcome!
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Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. We're so glad you're here.
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Welcome, Dou; you have come to a great 'place'.
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Welcome, glad you're here!!

Tell us about yourself.........
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome! There are lots of different corners to explore here. Have fun digging in!
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Hey, Dou. Welcome! I hope you're doing very well.
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Welcome to SR!
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Welcome to the Forum!!
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Welcome Dou007 - this is a great bunch of folks. We're all very friendly here

good to have you join us

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Welcome to SR
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Hi there Dou! You're among people who care. Good to meet you.
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Do your best
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Hello Dou welcome to SR
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Hi dou007 and welcome !
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