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back to work

I really don't want to go in today.. the stress is to much..anyways i didn't drink anymore last night an continued with water an woke up ok.. a little tired but no to hung over. I am trying to be strong. Strangley enough i want get the job out my head... its even in my dreams....
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Hi Toni have you reported your boss yet ?

Are you currently looking for other work ?

its awful what your boss is like and sounds like a hellish envioirment to work in

i think you deserve better dont you ?

big hugs Toni have a good day my friend
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Haven't went in yet but going.. i did talk to the ceo who said she will followup with her an the other manager.. don't know what happened yesterday so its going to be very awkward today for me... i really don't want to face it..
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When I first quit drinking, there were things I didn't want to face. When I WAS drinking there were things I didn't want to face. So I drank to avoid them - avoiding them in my own way by putting them behind me - or out of my mind.
It took a little work on acceptance. No matter what I do I cannot change another person whether they are right or wrong or indifferent. Instead of being all wound up over things I just faced them and accepted them. I adjusted myself to handle a situation I had no control over.
That silly serenity prayer, accept what I cannot change, change what I can, and know the difference between the two. I must say that reading and understanding the Buddhist approach to life has helped me tremendously. And adopting those philosophies has had a great impact on the person I am becoming - hope to be.
Say the serenity prayer a few times. It's a start. Good luck.
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