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I was actually having a really good day. Starting to finally feel like myself. Then I went to Old Navy and they're having a huge sale. I internally freaked out. Too many people, too crowded, overwhelming. Now I feel anxious and a little shell shocked. Surprisingly, no cravings, so that's great.

I've gotten sober before, but I don't remember feeling so.......thin skinned. This happen to anyone else in the early days of sobriety?
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Emotions can be all over the map in early sobriety. Treat yourself well and realize that it will pass and you will get better.
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Absolutely. Anxiety has always been prominent in my early sobriety and my entire drinking career. It's hard to remember during those times that the drink will just make it worse in the long run.
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I'm usually kind of anxious, sober or not. But this was redonkulous.
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Totally normal. I'm all over the place emotionally and easily freaked out these days. I've numbed out with alcohol for so long it's like my emotions are going haywire.
Hopefully knowing that it's pretty common will help with the anxiety a bit.
So glad to see you around!
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I'm right there with you! I figured out my 2 biggest triggers are shame and stress.

My sponsor and I are working on breaking the cycle.

1. I feel shame
2. I drink because I feel shame
3. I feel shame because I drank
4. I drink because I feel shame
5. The cycle is being broken as we speak!

Hang in there! The stress and crowds of Christmas is enough to stress anyone out! Heck...Mother Theresa would probably get stressed! Haha
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