And so I begin again...

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And so I begin again...

I'll start to say that I think I need support.

I am a habitual binge drinker, I don't think I am hopelessly addicted to the hooch, I use it as a crutch. I can go a week or two without the booze but when I do drink I don't stop until I am a dribbling sot. This is usually 6-8 pints of strong beer and I have been on a 12 day binge - today is my first day off. I usually have 2-3 days off per week but as I say, when I do drink it's out of control. I'm 36 and have been unemployed since the end of summer, I have job interviews in the pipeline to hopefully secure something before Christmas which is an added stress but I am determined to dry-out and stay that way. I have been drinking at dangerous levels for 8 years and it has to stop so that I can live rather than merely exist. It's damaged relationships, career, just about everything will be better without it I think so I'm trying this. I plan to visit SR daily and intend to blog about it too.

I'm hoping that there can be mutual help both from fellow people who have suffered from alcoholism and for those struggling too.
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Welcome to the forum Words youl find lots of support here

Nice to meet you
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Welcome to SR WordsAndMusic78

A 12 day bender is a bog one in anyone's language I think.

Do consider seeing your Dr after you stop. especially if you feel concerned or particularly unwell.

As far as support goes you'll find a lot of it here - just being a part of the community can help a lot

good luck with the job interviews,

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Thanks Dee and Soberwolf, this is what I need.

I'll try to post daily and will watch how I feel but am usually ok despite what I've asked of my body. I have spoken to my GP and will touch base with him in a day or so.

I'm feeling pretty good but expect sleeping will be a bit difficult (usually is for the first 2-3 days).

Thanks again - I'll be checking in daily I hope!
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Welcome to the Forum WordsAndMusic78!!
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Hi WordsAndMusic78 and welcome. You've come to a great place, it's helped me immensely, the support is amazing.
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Welcome to the family. I'm glad you joined us. You'll find lots of support here.
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