apology to that delivery guy

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apology to that delivery guy

Hello TDG. I want to apologize. I responded to your post last night. I wanted to give you tough love as i want you to succeed in your sober path. I came across as brash and uncaring. I was in the wrong. I care about you and your situation. Please forgive me. I was out of line. Take care my friend.
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We all get frustrated and sometimes regret posts - even well intentioned. MANY have done this, few apologize. Good for you.....

Nothing to drink over my friend!!

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Charlie thank you - that was a kind & caring thing to do.
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Charlie, your recovery shows in your coming back and expressing your regret.
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Well done Charlie
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Tough love is good, so is tenderness. You're a good friend.
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Hello: I don't know really what happened but I know that after saying something I regret I always feel better after I apologize. It is hard and awkward sometimes but it is worth it. I am glad that you did it. Hugs for you.
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I think that takes a strong individual to admit they were wrong AND I also think that shows a lot about YOUR recovery!

Good stuff, Charlie
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I find early sobriety to be emotionally charged sometimes. We are all in this together, but at different places due to many external conditions. It takes a strong people to be able to both extend and accept apologies. Best wishes to both of you.
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Been there, welcome to the club.

Well done
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