Alcoholic medication.

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Alcoholic medication.

Is there anything that maybe a doctor can prescribe that helps with giving up alcohol?
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We aren't supposed to give medical advice. That being said, you should really come clean with your doctor and ask for help. I'm so glad you want sobriety
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Do your best
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Speak with your Doctor Kimura we cant give medical advice but there is help

I was having panic attacks and having a really rough time i told a doctor what was happening and did get help

Rootin for you well done
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Sober Alcoholic
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There are several that are commonly prescribed, but your situation would need to be assessed individually. Just be VERY honest when you see your physician. It will work to your best interest (and provide a nice starting point for your sobriety going forward).
All the best to you.
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I agree with the other posters on this.

I was a pretty bad unlicensed pharmacist when it came to what I thought I needed from a pharmaceutical standpoint.

The doctors who treat alcoholism and drug addiction have a lot of arrows in their quivers for people like us.

Please hang around and keep us posted as to your progress.

Your recovery is worth going to any lengths, amigo.
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Is there a specific doctor I need to see or just my Gp?
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Start with your regular doctor.
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