Newbie and here I am

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Newbie and here I am

I have been lurking for a few months but finally have the courage to post and admit my problem. I drank way too much wine tonight at a friend's house and today is day one of being sober.

I am not really sure how I got here but it pretty much started a couple years ago in January 2012 my father had a heart attack and my mom a type 1 diabetic was not well at all and ended up having to go into a nursing home and then passed away on May 1, 2012. I started Bingen drinking after that not everyday but when I drank it was to a point that I would always have too much.

I certainly have done things I am not proud of and I am ready to make a change for once and for all. I want/need to be a good example for my daughters and they don't dserve to see their mother like that anymore.

Thanks for letting me post and I look forward to making the change!
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Hey and welcome,

You've come to a really great place. Congrats on posting, I know sometimes it's easier to just watch and read. You'll find so much support here.
I'm really sorry to hear about your parents.

Keep posting, and welcome......
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Welcome. Make a plan to be successful with this. Think about your daughters when the cravings start and power through them. You can do this MK.
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I'm very sorry for your losses mkb - but I'm glad you've found us - you'll find a lot of support and understanding here

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Welcome to the family. I'm glad you joined us.
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Do your best
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Sorry for your losses Mk welcome to the forum and to Sr
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Welcome to the best decision you ever made. We're glad you're here.
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Welcome aboard!
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Talking Another mother wants in!!

I am encouraged by this thread. I was given a birthday message from soberrecovery, and saw 3 posts from this morning. The final comment of your post really resonates with me, for I too have daughters. I feel it is possible, for I have overcome cigarettes years ago and recently reread old writings of mine which reminded me how I thought it was next to impossible back then. I also must admit that I once had nearly 18 years sober, and casually slowly picked up an increasingly steady habit and I know that I cannot be moderate. Moderation is not possible, but sobriety is possible, one day at a time.
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Welcome Mkb. You'll find lots of support and compassion here.
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Welcome, mkb; glad you found SR.
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Good for you, life will only get better for you.
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welcome Mkb and julieeph
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Realising my life
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Welcome, Mkb You've made a great decision in joining us - and an even greater decision in embracing a sober life. Stick with it and your life will change in ways you cannot imagine
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Welcome. These SR folks will provide inspiration, motivation, empathy, and coping mechanisms whenever you need them! Everything is better sober.

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Heyo!!! lol


I'm new too.. great to have ya!

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welcome !!!
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