Still here and still a drunk

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Sobriety Dat 26\10\2012
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Still here and still a drunk

lord just take my liver and have done with me, I can feel its failing
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I'm sorry you're still struggling Dan, but it's always good to see you.
Are you drinking now?

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I hope you can find the way to living sober. It's so much better.
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I felt the same way until I decided "I" was worth one more chance. I know you are worth it too. Put down the drink. Everyday things will get a little better
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I felt that way too Dan. I just kept getting sicker though. It was never really fun anymore - it only brought me pain and misery. I never thought I could live without it, but it feels wonderful to be free. You are here and posting, so you haven't given up. You can still do it Dan - we know you can.
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Hope you drop in again to read this Dan

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Dan, lower right side of the abdomen? I have been in the hospital for alcohol-induced hepatitis. The liver is a great organ than can heal itself....only if you stop the booze. Please go see a doctor. I know exactly what you are going through so trust me.
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Hi dan, hope you can make the decision to stop and get some support
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How are you doing now Dan?
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Come on Dan, pull it together. You are posting here so there is some glimmer of hope left. Get in here and let it grow. Just try it. If being sober totally sucks you can always go back to drinking. But I am pretty certain hat if you give it a solid run you will feel better mentally and physically.
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Hey Dan good to see you how you doing
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Dan, there are people here who care about you. You can feel better, and you can get it together again. What you are feeling now will give you extra motivation to remain can be good again for you, Dan.

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At one time I believed I would drink myself to death. I believed there was no way I could ever feel OK unless I drank and that I would continue to drink until I slipped into an early grave. I bought extra insurance (life and liability) to protect my family and asked God to make it as painless as possible.

I was absolutely, utterly, and 100% WRONG.

So are you.

There is another way out and help available on that path.

You can do this.
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I will NOT drink to that!
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Please keep coming back. We are here to support you. You are much stronger than you think. We care about you.
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Dan, there is a way out of this agony. Stay close, believe. You can do it.
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Dan, how many days I wished the same thing-passed out not wanting to wake up.. Alcoholic liver disease is a slow decline--not the way out you or I want. This is do-able. Glad you posted. Tells me you really want it and that precedes having it.
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