What was your "light bulb" moment for you to quit?

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I knew an early death was coming my way. I was slowly killing myself with my drinking. My internal organs were swollen and painful. Suddenly one night, in the bathroom, I realized I wanted to live and have a life. I truly think God performed an intervention.

I don't want to be remembered as the alcoholic who drank himself to death. I want to be remembered as a good person who led the best life he could.
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Thanks for the thread JT. It's threads like these that make me think, realize and, come to terms with why I drank.
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Yes, all of the above.
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Being of a stubborn nature, sure I am the only one - it took me awhile. I had some flash bulbs go off over the years, but was still waiting to see what developed.

I reviewed the pictures in the last several months and it was not a pretty collage. A myriad of hazy images appeared out of the darkroom:

Dad, you're and ******** and a drunk - no one else has the courage to say it, so I will = 18 year old son.

Drinking friend who got DUI. Mother who died as a result of alcoholism. Father who was in the program got sober and relapsed when his higher power - wife/mother passed.

Wife who walked around me like a zombie - numb to all my ****. No dialogue, just grunts.

The final straw......The daily look of despair in the eyes of my loved ones reflective of my hopelessness.


Today is day 151 !
A look of hope from all is what I see today in my families eyes, by grace..
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I woke up in the middle of the night, got out of bed and just stood there in the dark for like 5-10 minutes...I couldn't remember the way to my own bathroom...
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It's two fold for me. I'm just sick and tired of the obsession over drinking only to feel horrible the next morning. And I want to be a good example for my child.
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I knew for a couple of years that I'd have to stop "some day". Drinking slowly increased, 12+ hour binges on days off were normal. Just got tired of being a drunk and realized if I didn't stop I'd crawl into a bottle and die.

Stopped when I hurt my back last summer and went on narcotic pain killers. Did not want to mix them with alcohol. I was VERY careful with the pills and only needed them for about 6 weeks.

Been a little over 3 months since my last drink and I don't miss it at all and I feel better about myself and life in general.
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Through I met a cousin from Italy who had stopped drinking wine several years ago. She told me a lot about our family there and how alcoholism has affected some of the uncles. It made an impression and when she came to visit in August I gave up the vino.
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voices ca**y
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My 16 year old got caught drinking the night before. My goofy dog had an intestinal block from chewing blankets because I was usually to zoned out to take them away. I took him to the vet in an ice storm and in the vet's office filling out paperwork with the writing so shaky it looked like a 90 year old woman wrote it out it just all hit me this was really happening. I had a voice inside my head say "this is where it all falls apart" and then another that said "it doesn't have to be that way" then finally it said RUN!
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Thankful for this community
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This August, I felt my sanity slipping away. I was living in a dream. Repeating everyday just like the last. I had stopped caring about virtually everyone and everything. I knew I was no longer the person I really was when absent of alcohol. I only despaired.
It was not a particular incident. It was the insidious deterioration of what was to have been a promising, fulfilling life.

I look forward to being the man once again, that was originally meant for this earth.
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Mine was a culmination of the old adage of "I was sick & tired..." My big "a-Ha" moment was my youngest daughters 3rd B-Day, I was in such withdrawl & suffering insane Anxiety on a daily basis-I was a miserable SOB. I checked myself into inpatient a few days later-best decisions I have ever made for myself & family. 16 months later I still consider myself lucky to be alive & be the husband I need to be & the father I want to be.
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Bone crunching panic attacks in the last year. Ending up in the detox center being transported in a van with a cage with vomit in the cage.
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Mine was coming to the realization that I was losing everything I had worked for - relationships, my job, my place, etc. At that point I knew it was time to bite the bullet and pull my life together.
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I desperately wanted to stop, for years. I was doing the same old thing week after week after week. Mixing with the same old crowd. Eventually the whole thing bored me to death. Like they say I was on a merry-go-round, waking up the next day, wanting to die, feeling terrible, hangover so bad like a nervous breakdowns that would last well into the next week. Eventually every time I thought of a drinking night out it filled me with horror having to go all through that again.
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This is a superb thread.

Waking hungover and groggy and suffering, I used to say to myself, "There must be a better way...." I don't know why this phrase, but that's what I would mutter.

Finally I didn't just say it, I believed it.

And then I found it.
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i think mine cumulated over time. i'd been thinking of quitting for years. i went to AA meetings but then i would drink again. each time i tried quitting i gave up, and i'd drink even more and almost try even HARDER to black out and get even more drunk than the last time i drank. i really didn't give a fcuk anymore. i went from drinking to get drunk to drinking to get blacked out. i wanted to black out. the last time i drank, i downed half a bottle of vodka, snuck it into a club, finished it, of course blacked out, got into a fight with a completely random guy outside of a club, pushed him into moving traffic, almost had the cops called on me... basically made a fool of myself (for the millionth time) but enough was enough. i was tired of feeling like crap about myself and waking up regretting everything from the night before or barely remembering anything. i knew that if i was thinking of quitting for such a long time, it obviously was important to me and probably wasn't going to change, so i should just do it already.
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