last night

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last night

So i made it through yesterday... but my mind did want to drink... i need to have something else to do after work... but i have my daughter who is 11 an after i pick her up from the street its already 6:30... any ideas?
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Originally Posted by tonib View Post
...but i have my daughter who is 11 an after i pick her up from the street its already 6:30... any ideas?
Do something with your daughter.

Recovery work is the best thing to do to keep you from drinking. However, there is no "magic" activity that, when doing, removes the urge to drink. You just have to find something to do and continually focus on the activity and away from thoughts of drinking. You can find something you like to do, find something you hate. The point is to do it and use it to distract yourself from alcohol. You don't want to finding yourself, doing nothing, crying boredom, and thinking the answer is drinking.

Good luck.
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The thoughts are going to come for a while, tonib. We all have them, that is the mental obsession part that you need to overcome. I agree with Carl. Stay busy, fix a good meal and then clean up the dishes. Bath time and bed time. Done and done.

Your daughter needs you to be sober for her.
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In early sobriety I read a lot of books, watched movies, and did a lot of crocheting and word puzzles. Things to keep my mind and hands busy. I also made a list of things I could do around the house and kept it on my fridge like cleaning closets, scrubbing cabinets, dusting the walls....tasks I normally didn't do but could do around the house.
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Thoughts are thoughts - it's how we respond to them that counts, Toni.
Doing something with your daughter is a great idea - changing up your routine a little could help too.

Here are some great cravings tips:

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Hi Toni D posted a great link

i hope you dont drink your better without it more you without it

my mother was alcoholic i loved it when she was sober the happiness that comes with sobriety outweighs any drunken haze hands down
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After work i took my daughter shopping an out to dinner... finally getting settled at home now we stayed at walmart till ten lol... i stayed busy an sober ..
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Well done, I didn't know what to do in the evenings either now I'm starting to find that a sober nothing is way better than a drunk not much, keep going.
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