I'm finally getting it

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I'm finally getting it

Wow, I first joined this site 7 years ago, admitting I was an alcoholic and that i needed help. It wasn't until March of this year that I really began attending meetings and have been working the steps and actually getting sober rather than making empty promises. I wish I would have figured it out long ago that I couldn't do it on my own. I'm almost at 60 days…It would have been over seven months but I lapsed for one day and immediately restarted at Step One. I have a sponsor, I go to meetings, though not as often as I should, and I haven't touched a drug in all that time…Just the one night I slipped and took cough medicine which led me to drink. Goes to show even a little bit will awaken the allergy. Thank God for AA here in L.A.; it's a much more cheerful scene than I experienced in the two times I went to meetings in Seattle. Today I'm not feeling so great, I have a sinus cold and am feeling extremely restless. It just occurred to me that I haven't been on this site for a long time so I thought I'd check back in. So glad to be sober today. I really, really didn't think I had it in me. Now I'm going to take a bubble bath, meditate, do some yoga, and hopefully get to a meeting !
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Yeap, if it was as easy as making the decision and doing it on our own, there would be no need for SR or AA!!

Great job on your Sober time!! 60 Days is fantastic!!
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Welcome back, eve, and congratulations on 60 days!!!!!
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Way To Go !!!! 60 days

How old is the SR website?
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60 days!! Just great- so good to hear.
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Do your best
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Well done on 60 days Evem that really is something congrats friend on making it back
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Welcome back! And congrats on sixty days sober!
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Congrats on 60 days evemadrugada

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Nicely done !!

I have grown to really value AA as well as SR - good for you!

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