Hey Mister..have you got a dime yeah.

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Hey Nuu. Just a couple thoughts...
You want to "be BAD" - what does that mean?

You feel bad about something that happened to/around you, coming from this bf or from elsewhere, and you have these feelings as a counterphobic response, to even punish yourself unconsciously with self-destructive acts? If so, please DON'T!

Or you want to respond to your feelings by doing something rebellious, unusual, crazy? A little hedonistic perhaps? If so, there are so many safe ways to do so... I like what some others suggested above, to treat yourself to something you like but don't do everyday. A trip to the city sounds good, and some activities there that you would find rewarding (in a positive way!) are good, too. If it was me, I would do the spa thing (which I will on my cross-atlantic current trip this week and next week, that's been as messy as it can get so far). Get a relaxing massage... Do something new that you don't usually plan, but has nothing to do with drinking or other stuff you know you would regret. The shopping sounds good as well, if you are into that.

Think of nice activities and maybe spending time with nice people. Please don't let the actions and attitude of others, that have little to do with you per se, affect you very much, even if it's your bf. You are too cool as a person yourself, don't let others compromise that and all the great work you have done in your recovery!
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No man is worth drinking over, even if it's in rebellion
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Originally Posted by Mountainmanbob View Post


mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.
Oh my...I want a big old cup of that!

Again..words can't express how much your thoughts mean to me guys. I am SO blessed to have the friendship of this community. That was one thing I realized last many blessings I truly have. The many good folk in both my 3D and cyber world...folks who know me and stick around : )

Sharon..thank you..everybody needs a little AC DC blast before 7 a.m...especially Hells Bells. And that little Bang Bang it! Never heard it before.

EG...oh man. All men pale in comparison

Weird thing...
Once I got out of the squirrel cage..once I surrendered to the fact that I am in fact...okay...and that I am sober...and I am real...and I do like me...and I have a million blessings and I'm a-okay alone (cuz I really am okay with my own company...and sometimes prefer it : )....

My text whistle blew...

And yes Ladies...a trip to the MAC counter is in store...or Chanel or that wonderful store with all the great things that smell divine on Robson. And a run on the seawall ...
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After much consideration (3 minutes)

Dr Hawks has diagnosed your man's biggest problem

His name isn't "Nobody"

(only) Nobody is perfect.
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