The ONE hour trick/tool

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The ONE hour trick/tool

Good Morning everyone.

So i'm one day shy of 2 weeks today (13 days).

A very useful technique/trick that I've learned from my sponsor and thought i'd share.

If i'm at that *jumping off* point of wanting to drink, then just stop for 1 minute and ask myself this question.

Can you not drink for ONE hour? (YES) Good don't drink for ONE hour. If after one hour you still want to drink come back and we'll have this conversation again.

It seems totally silly...But for me it really does work! It's a trick of the mind. But my drinking compulsion/obsession resides in my mind.

More often than not..The follow-up conversation 1 hour later never occurs...Because 1 hour later the craving/thought has lost most/all of it's power, and I've moved onto something different.

Just found it VERY useful. Thought i would share.
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good one FTW
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Great idea! Thought control is what you're practicing. Believe it or not your brain is actually creating new neural pathways each time you do that. It's learning that you don't NEED that drink like you thought you did. Very inspiring - thanks for sharing
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Do your best
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Good for you

i used to also employ the fast forward technique ....skip to where im sick heaped over vomiting blood, getting rushed to hospital

put me right off in my first few weeks

just want to say finding i really admire you keep it up
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I used sort of the same technique when I was trying to stop smoking. I had read how the cravings really only lasted for a few minutes at a time, so I told myself that over and over, which allowed me to quit after years of smoking. When the cravings returned, I held out for a few minutes each time and they did seem to pass.

With alcohol it was a different experience with me. I did not have strong cravings per se, but I was prepared for them and your 'tip' was something that I had already mentally prepared for if needed. I would tell myself that I am allowed to do anything that day, except for having a drink.

It's important to 'arm' ourselves with whatever technique works.

Good stuff, thanks!
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Great stuff!!
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I like this idea for all facets in life - buying something on-line, eating dessert, sending a terse text or email, having a serious discussion that could get heated, etc. Thanks for this great tip! I always think that I am kind of blessed to have had an alcohol problem, because having to recover from it, has taught me so many good life lessons!!
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I'm going to try this.
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Good one. I like that!
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...sending a terse email or message.

I could use some recovery around that one, DD.
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Sounds like you are in good hands with your sponsor FTW.

13 days and counting... An hour at a time if need be
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Great advice. I'm adding that to my arsenal.
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