You guys make me want to be a better person

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You guys make me want to be a better person

NO one in my life does that. Only one person has ever done that and 4.5 years ago she cheated on me and I had a ring and she knew I was going to propose around the time she graduated. She tore my world apart. I had a history of abuse but it never crossed my mind at first. I thought it would pass. But I had 2 panic attacks, the doc gave me Xanax, and it spiraled from there. Now it's oxy and Xanax.
But when I get on here and read the success stories, the people trying, the ones that are 1,2,15 days in-it makes me want that, it makes me want to be a better person.
I'm not sure what that is, but I know what it isn't.Thank you all, truly
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I get the same out of this place eastbound. Keep coming around and gathering your strength. Starting is monumental and hard as hell, but you can surprise yourself. Wishing you the best.
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I'm sorry to hear about what your ex did to you. I'm still getting over what mine did to me over the five years we were together. There's a saying though that sometimes good things have to fall apart for great things to come together. I've been happy with SR too so far and am also appreciative. Good to know such an amazing group exists. Good luck

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We're all here for you eastboundanddown
Why not make posting here a part of every day for awhile?
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Hi eastbound,

You can be a better person, we're here to support each other.
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Do your best
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Yeah im with D post on here more and more it works wonders Eastbounddown

Good luck
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Best of luck Eastbound, as others have said we are here for each other...

Stay close to SR and post often if you can; it sure has helped me.

You can do it!
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People on this forum have MADE me a better person. Not perfect, of course, but better. It is a wondrous place, our little corner of the interwebs.
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I agree. I came here by accident and never intended to stay. There was just something about it.... We're glad you are part of us eastbound.
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