Two places close by are currently hiring in my field

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Two places close by are currently hiring in my field

I've gotten lots of advice on this here. The consensus seems to be, I should wait and work on my sobriety before jumping back into employment. I tend to agree, since I had a hard time going to work before without having a nip when I woke up. It became a routine, sort of like when normal people drink coffee and have a bagel. My coffee was often a can of beer. I became good at masking it until that final day when I had much more than that. I was pretty much plastered.

So, dilemma. I could go for these jobs now, or wait and risk nothing being available when I feel I'm ready. These types of places are often not taking applications. And my position is one of the top-paying. I can't afford to take a job making much less than I was before.

I'm really not sure what to do. As I've said before once I get my profit sharing check I can sit back on that for a few months. Then after that's gone...what will be out there?
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Only you can make the decision PB. I know myself that anything I put ahead of my recovery I lost anyway. Twice in my case in terms of a career.

It's human to feel scared, but how likely is it there'll be NO jobs in 6 months?

It's not impossible for you to do your job and not drink - I am sure others do it. It's just question of whether you feel ready....

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Hi PB,
From what I can gather from prior posts you are still struggling with staying sober and recently lost a job due to your drinking, so I do believe that sobriety should be your primary focus right now. Healing your mind and body requires a lot of time and commitment. I know your choice is not an easy one. Would starting a new job right now allow you the time you might need to take care of yourself? Do you have the financial ability to be unemployed while you work on your sobriety? Only you know the answers to these difficult questions so only you can make this decision. We are here to support you no matter what you decide. Whatever you do take care of yourself!!!!
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It sounds like you have a financial cushion which does not require you to rush back to the workforce...which is great for your sobriety! I agree that you should put your recovery first. Maybe you could stay connected professionally to the extent possible: LinkedIn, professional certifications related to your field that will occupy your mind but not stress you out, maybe a networking event here and there. As someone who is with you in early sobriety, I regard work as a pleasant distraction, but I don't have an "alcohol association" with work, so there's that. Best of luck to you PB, whatever you decide!!!
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imagine your sobriety is a newborn and your the only babysitter
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