Thinking about quitting smoking too

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Thinking about quitting smoking too

OK - now that I'm more than two weeks off the alcohol, I'm thinking about quitting smoking as well. It ups the stakes a little bit, because I HATE smoking and have been wanting to quit for a long time. Since drinking and smoking go together, it gives me extra incentive to stay away from drinking.
Anybody done this? Tips to keep myself from going insane would be welcome.
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Quit smoking 3 or 4 months ago, but was still drinking at the time. Got sober in the beginning of August.

It's been tough, I get cravings for both depending on how I'm feeling. I was a smoker for about a decade and only tried to quit once and it didn't last much more than a month.

At this point, quitting drinking and smoking are obviously the best decisions we could make.

As an alcoholic, drinking is obviously a no go, and the health benefits of quitting smoking speak for themselves.

Best tips I could give you is to invest in some gum, or maybe even hard candy. I found it helps out. Other than that maybe treat yourself to something nice every once in a while since the money you save from not drinking/smoking combined can definitely buy some cool stuff.

Best of luck
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If you can handle it without putting your sobriety at risk I say go for it.

Tell you what, I'm a month in and was supposed to stop last monday. I watched this by Vid from Allen Carr's technique. I'm pretty pumped for tomorrow!

Check it out
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It's definitely been done. I am in the process of weaning myself off nicotine via the patch. I have been doing it off and on for about 4 years. Yup. I would be doing fine and then drinking I would pull the damn patch off and smoke..or when I got overwhelmed etc. So when I sobered I figured the process would be snap as I would no longer be upended by a drinking crash and burn...
Well...apparently I couldn't blame my drinking for everything.

I have been ..HOLY just realized ..3 months sober today. I smoked like a chimney for the first bit of my sobriety and then slapped the patch back on. I have caved twice..but now..I am finally committed to "stepping down to 14 mg's"...see that was always the kicker. At 21 mg's I had excuses...once I take the next step..smoking would be going "backwards" rather than staying the same.

A lot has "simmered" down in my life since those first couple of months I feel confident I can do it now. (e.g my diet has gotten back to normal and I'm not eating like a petulant child without a mommy around)

It's tough..just like sobriety.

Best wishes on whatever you decide.
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Um Dia de Cada Vez
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tomorrow is another try to stop smoking for me, hope I can do it for good this time
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I quit both 2 weeks ago. It's very hard. I slipped up and had a beer today. I'm back on but it is a constant battle for me anyway
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Looks like we got ourselves a support club. Good luck everyone!

Nuu, I'll slap the patch as well, I have my little guy this week and don't want to be all over the place and impatient with him. Go us go!
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voices ca**y
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Go for it. People who don't smoke supposedly recover faster. Just be careful. I tried quitting smoking at 2.5 months. I was knocked over by an outofthisworld craving and ended up trying to get drunk. I was craving nicotine and tried to satisfy it with alcohol. I ended up smoking again and the next time I tried to quit I got the same craving. That time I was ready for it though.
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I quit both at the same time about 4 weeks ago (smoking two days after drinking). I've had many failed attempts at quitting smoking before, because i never quit the booze at the same time and after 2 beers my self control just goes out the window.

I actually find it easier to quit both. As I've posted elsewhere (can't find it now) I feel that quitting one is stopping me from giving in to the cravings of the other, and it works both ways.

So the inner dialogue goes a little something like this:

I want a smoke! - No, I haven't had any alcohol, so I'm definitely strong enough to not give in to that craving (actually it's more like "Shut up AV, you have no power here, I'm not drunk")

I want a drink! - No way, one drink and I'll be off to the shop to buy a pack of smokes.

Can't stress how important for me it is this time around to stick to HALT though. When hunger strikes, s**t gets rough, so food is always closeby.

Best of luck! Let us know how it goes.
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Do your best
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Hi Avice i posted this in the smoking section there is a cause known as stoptober

heres the link
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They definitely do go together. For me alcohol always triggered the desire to smoke, but smoking doesn't trigger the desire for alcohol. In fact I've been chain smoking since I quit to calm my nerves.

We all handle things differently. Personally, I'm afraid if I stopped smoking at this point I'd go bonkers. It's not only the nicotine, but something to distract me from drinking among other things going on. Both are killers but I'm trying to take baby steps. Hope you find what works for you.
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Thanks, guys. Hopefully I'll be able to do this. I definitely have to watch the HALT thing though. Especially the hungry part - I got used to filling myself up with alcohol so it's weird for me to eat regularly.
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Do your best
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Avice i completly relate i wouldnt eat for 6 days straight so many times

when i got sober i think i could manage half a tin of heinz chicken soup

now... avice with a controlled balanced diet i get to eat many great things

once you get usec to its all..... bon appétit lol i love food cant believe i sacrificed food for alcohol
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Good for you.
I quit smoking in 2006.
My advice?
1- set a quit date about two weeks from now.
2- Study about quitting here or Quit Smoking All Together: the Web's Largest Quit Smoking Community
3 consider NRT Nicotine replacement therapy .
(thats what made my 6th attempt stick!)

Its difficult for 3 days. BUT in those three days you get waves of giddiness like
"Im doing this"!!!

4- Count all your extra money...Damn ..those cigs are brutally expensive now!!!
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I laid down the cigarettes 18 months after I quit drinking & drugging. I was like a lot of others, when I first got sober I added an extra pack/day because of nervousness and mind-racing. After a few months it got back to normal. I did the maximum mg patches for about 3 months having a smoke here & there but managed to quit that way. I never weaned down the mg/patch tho, I just quit buying them to stick on. There are several people that I know who've quit smoking, but are constantly hitting those "e-cig" things. I didn't go that route because I have that personality that would've just switched preferences and kept the nicotine.

I don't know how it works evrywhere, but some states will help with the expense for patches or gum. What hoops that might require jumping thru, I don't know. Good luck!
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Hi Avice -

Congrats on 2 weeks. Momentum is a fantastic wave to ride.

Maintaining sobriety is about having a plan to keep you focused when the momentum runs out though. Quitting 2 inherently divides your attention, thus making it much more challenging to be successful in either endeavor when this happens.

Still, if you would like to try it, I would encourage you to pick one as your 'core' and one as your 'reach' to avoid a blow out when you hit a bump.

Good luck to you!
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I've been sober 2 weeks and 1 day. I'm a smoker. I've been smoking up a storm since I quite the booze. I'm really enjoying my cigarettes too. I don't plan to quit until I feel more comfortable in sobriety. Having said that, I really do want to quit - I've been smoking 20+ years, am turning 40 this year, and here is Aus (the most overregulated nation on the planet) the government are raising cigarette taxes every year. As of last week they cost 20 dollars for a packet of 20!!!
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