Day oh I don't know :)

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Day oh I don't know :)

Stopped 7/12/14....had one bottle of wine on 9/8/14...just curious. Been sober and okay since. Took my daughter to a Frozen birthday party this afternoon. Well, 11:30am. The family is part Italian. The dad is obviously of Italian descent by the last name and one of their kids has an Italian first name and they went to Italy last summer. My point? Well, at a typical birthday party in the US, there is pizza, soda, juice and cake served. At this party there was pizza, these mozzarella pinwheel sandwiches, plain water, sparkling water and a LOT of wine.

I'll bet it was good wine but I took the sparkling water. It wasn't a struggle, drinking wine in the hot sun just wasn't appealing. I didn't even contemplate drinking wine.

The mom was drinking quite a bit and said to her daughter, the one with the birthday, "stop bumping into me, you're spilling my wine!". The one thing I never want to do is drink alcohol at my 4-yr-old's birthday party. It was actually the first time I've ever seen wine served at a child's birthday party but I know the power's that be are trying to tempt me.

Unfortunately, I am indulging in sweets more than before. I wouldn't say in excess and chocolate and ice cream don't give me a hangover.

I'm not here as much as I tend to get hooked in and too comfortable, overshare and etc. So I am trying to not post too often.

Oh, and my husband was showing me how to access photos of my daughter from my laptop. I said "but what about your porn? I don't want everyone in the house to be able to access it accidentally." He said "I deleted it." I said "did you delete it or just remove the hard drive?" He said "I deleted it. If you can quit alcohol, I can quit porn." Then he said "and I can always look at it online if I want." I never told him he had to get rid of it but it's nice. And he's right, he can access it online as I can go to the store and buy wine. It's just not as easily accessible as before.

Anyhow, since I quit alcohol, I don't ignore him all the time. Or my kids. Everyone is getting more attention. I really tuned out when I drank, it is like I wasn't there. And I know I was mean because after I quit, I realized that my family avoided me in the way that people who are scared of something, avoid it. I had everyone walking on eggshells in this house.

So I am at Day I don't know - well, I guess the answer is 14-9 = 5 days. It feels like longer though. I would rather think of it as "1 bottle of wine in 2 months and 2 days" but maybe that is cheating...
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loved that post sb
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Nice post!! Keep pushing through!!
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I think it's possible to concentrate so much on the day count we miss sight of the most important thing...staying sober.

Good to see you back. I hope you can make this time THE time

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Great job SJ! The count doesn't matter, feeling better does! Especially love the end of your post, your family must benson happy to have you back!!!
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We can count days but the real progress is in our mind and heart. You are on the enlightened path and though there may be bumps along the way, you can never really go back. Stay strong!
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