Feels weird...

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Feels weird...

Being sober...still feels weird. Kind of like an alternate reality...anyone else get that?
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Sober date 5/1/13
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You haven't got a plug in the back of your neck have you?
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It definitely took me a while to grasp the idea of me being a "non drinker" in life.

I guess it was just something new, I needed to adapt, learn how to do it!!

Almost like starting a new school, it takes a while to get used to everything!!
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Originally Posted by Kallistia View Post
Being sober...still feels weird. Kind of like an alternate reality...anyone else get that?
if you think about it, it IS an alternate reality.
B/C the one that we were living in wasn't our true reality. We were doing everything in our power to RUN from reality.
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The first month was weird. I had a clear head finally and I was not used to it. My mind was racing. I was very nostalgic also.
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Do your best
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Its not alternate reality it is reality and yeah you will get used to it

Such a privledge to be sober Ilove it in time iI swear you will love it too
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Yep totally walking around in the matrix at the mo!
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I don't know where I am now but I was in a living hell.
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