get me off this ride

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get me off this ride

It's been awhile since I've posted. I've been with SR over a year now. We recently moved from the city to the country. I love it. I thought I would stop drinking but have not. Its still a big secret with my family so I'm functioning and I don't have hangovers. Gosh folks I need you. I thought the move would do it. Now I don't even know why I still drink. It's not every day but I want it GONE. I'm still strong in the morning and weak after work. However..this is weird but I feel like I'm closer than I ever have been to been to quitting. I don't know where this feeling is coming from but its different. I feel like I'm rambling so will close for now. I'm going to make it through the weekend for starters. Blessings to all.
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I think many of us found the geographical solution never really worked....wherever I went my addiction came too...until I did something about it.

Have you thought yet of some things you might do about it this time around not2late?

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pray for strength
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Welcome back N2L I'm glad that we are here. When I first came here confused and wanting it GONE...I really had no clue where to start or even if I could do whatever it takes. You can do it, N2L. I started with making an effort to think about and change up my habits that revolved around drinking. You can do this. Stay logged into SR and visit as often as you can. SR is like the sobriety guardian angel...always here.

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I know I need a plan. You have taught me that Dee. My husband is having health issues and we both need to loose weight. We are starting a new and formal weight loss plan next week. Because of my job I cannot go into a recovery center for 30 days. It sounds so easy...just don't stop by the store on the way home! That one sole thing would do it. I'm so stupid.
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Bless you LTV. I'll be here more often. My internet access in the country is phone only..but we are working on a solution. The is the only support system I have.
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When you finish work and start hearing that voice you have to rationalize and play the tape until the end as they often say. One day not stopping at the store will build your confidence. You need momentum, and you can only build that by resisting one day at a time.

Tie this into your eating and exercising, those won't be easy as well. But all 3 elements combined will start changing your life for the better. With time you will grow comfortable with your new life, but you need patience, time, and dedication.

Good luck!
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Yeah, you're the same person, changing locations won't change all your problems. It's good to see you back at SR! As far as a plan AVRT has worked for me, it might work for you, too.
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Hi not2late,

You are not stupid and yes, if it were just that easy, none of us would be here.

It takes work and support, which took me a long time to finally figure out.

You can do it. Hang here with us. This site has made me see things so differently and the support is just amazing.

Best wishes to you
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Thank you all. I'll look into AVRT. Patman..I do need momentum and I start today. Being on the country its a long drive back to town so weekends are actually easier. I will stay in touch!!
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N2L it is an addiction. Stoping leads to unpleasant feelings and the desire to drink. The withdrawal period can be overcome- keep on trying and you will get there
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Yeah, we moved 3 years ago. I thought i was self medicating because of the town we lived in. Nope, it was me. I brought me when we moved. Once i realized it i became better off.
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Welcome back! :-)
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wherever you go, there you are!
welcome back
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hi not2late, stay strong!

just a thought, if your strong in the mornings but struggle after work and need to start a physical weight loss journey too then how about taking the money that is used on alcohol join a gym close to your work and soon as you leave work go to the gym and put that energy or feelings of drinking twords a good workout. i have found that when i work out in the evenings i eat less at night and all i want to due is drink water and i sleep so much better at night. recondition your brain to crave the workout instead of the alcohol.

good luck, change is in all of us we just have to look in the right places!
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You can do this!! Get a plan of support together and make it happen!!
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Do your best
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Hello nice to meet you
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It's good to see you - things can always change, when you're ready. We're with you.
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bona fido dog-lover
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Welcome back! I'm glad you're giving it another go.
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Welcome back!
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